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  1. Love when you posts your moms results and she is still NED... CYNBERKNIFE RULES!!! WhooooooHooooo!! Maryanne
  2. Denise, that is such incredible news... I remember so many posts when you were so scared and didn't think he would make it...our hearts were so heavvy.. and now...amazing! Great news D... Maryanne
  3. 7 years... it is a miracle.... love to you guys... you are an amazing couple with so much love for each other... miss you both. ♥ Mare
  4. Hi Carol, I remember exactly when you came on here... so so glad that NED keeps visiting you! May he continue to be a continuing presence to you.... ♥ Maryanne
  5. Rip beautiful lady...you get back what you give..you will shine in heaven...I could picture helping all the lost souls find themselves...you lost the battle but never the fight...will miss you... Maryanne
  6. Maryanne

    Judy kw

    We knew this day would come. But still prayed for a miracle. It so hard to believe that we will not hear from this beautiful lady ever again. She was such in incredible inspiration to so so many people on here. I think what I will miss most was her humor and wit. She certainly was one of a kind and the void without her is tremendous... RIP peace beautiful lady... heaven received a new angel... Maryanne
  7. Maryanne


    :mrgreen: love ya GF Maryanne
  8. AWESOME!!!!! WAY TO GO GF.... Love this stuff!! Maryanne
  9. Maryanne

    Seven Years

    I remember you Bill and I remember all the anguish you went through. I just can't believe it was 7 years ago! She will always remain in your heart of hearts and will always live on through all those beautiful memories you made together. I for one strongly believe that she did see her daughter graduate, get married and was present during the birth of your grandchild. I even believe that she knew her grandchild before you daughter became pregnant. When the time comes for you to join her it will be a glorious reunion. Your love and devotion for each other will live on throughout eternity... My heart to yours Bill, Maryanne
  10. I remember that well Mitch when you first came on.... now look how much changed. Your mom is doing great and you look so handsome since you lost all that weight. I hope those medical problems you had with the surgery are now a thing of the past and you are doing well. Thanks for the update, it was so good to hear how good things are. Maryanne
  11. Just wanted to say congratulations Barb... that is the best news... and if you break down... so what.. like you read on here that is what weddings are for and you certainly have a reason... but know that your husband will be walking with them both.... Bless you, Maryanne
  12. thank you all for your uplifting responses!! ♥♥♥ Kasey, you and Fred are so special to us also!! Maryanne
  13. Hi All, Just to let u know, Joel had his 6 month Pet/ct scan yesterday... He no sooner came home and there was a call from his Cyberknife doctor congratulating him on being NED!!!! So now it is a little over 2 1/2 years!!!! LOVE U NED!!!! (and Cyberknife) So glad she ( cyberknife doctor) called as he actually gets that info from his Onochologist which means he would have to wait 1 1/2 weeks to find the results.... Maryanne
  14. Maryanne

    Patti B

    This one hurts... she was such a sweet sweet lady... will miss her presence on here and FB.... So so sad... Maryanne
  15. GREAT NEWS SUE!!!!! Maryanne
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