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  1. Susan,
    I'm sorry to hear that you have had another recurrence. You have been an inspiration to me! 

    Even though we have never met, I feel as if we are connected somehow. I send you strength and continued support. 


    1. Susan Cornett

      Susan Cornett

      Thank you, Roz.  It is much appreciated as I take a third run at this cancer.  

  2. Susan,

    It was so encouraging for me to read that you are a Stage 4 adenocarcinoma survivor. You are the first person that I have connected with who shares this diagnosis with me. I know there are others out there, but I have not crossed their paths. I have had my lower left lung lobe removed (VATS) and my upper right lung lobe removed (open chest surgery), and then three rounds of chemo. My follow-up CT in March was clear. I will have CT's every 3 months for two years. I would really like to connect to other survivors and also people who have had the thoracotomy surgery. Thanks for being willing to share your knowledge and encouragement.

    1. Susan Cornett

      Susan Cornett

      This site was my beacon of hope in a very dark moment of my life.  Donna and Tom are both LONG term survivors, and they were treated years ago when we didn't have the options we have now.  

      I'm also on the 3 month protocol for CTs; my next scan is next week.  I made it a year after surgery before my recurrence, so I'm hoping i'm good for a while longer.  

      I'm on here (usually) on a daily basis.  Glad you found us.

    2. Roz


      Sending positive thoughts for your upcoming CT scan. Thanks for being "here."


  3. Tom-How did your body respond to complete removal of the lung? How have you adapted?


    1. Tom Galli

      Tom Galli


      How did my body respond to my lung removal? I was well on the way to surgical recovery until about 5 days after hospital discharge.  Then I started running a high fever and was back in the ICU and that started a year's worth of surgical complication.  Once this resolved, tumors were found in my left lung so I went from surgical mayhem to chemotherapy mayhem that lasted 2 years.  I have chronic pain because the surgeon had to re-enter my chest in incision area for 3 operations and I've suffered substantial nerve damage.  That is unusual.  Most I know only have one procedure and recover quite quickly.

      How have I adapted with one lung?  Well -- I can walk enough to enjoy touring though cities while on vacation.  I can't run very far.  I get winded climbing moderate hills but managed all the steps to get to the Edinburgh Castle from street level.  I hope this helps.

      Stay the course.


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