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  1. Thanks, ladies, I sent an e-mail to the nurse.... you guys are the best!
  2. Hi, all, I had my second chemotherapy treatment last Thursday. Just starting today I feel bruised all over, like I've been beat up. Is this a common side effect? I'm on Cisplatin & Alitma. Thanks in advance for input! Ann
  3. Thanks so much Ro, Tom, all! Sharon, completely forgot to mention... the clothing on skin thing.... YES!!! I can validate how you're feeling! It's not 24/7 for me but often times I am pulling my shirt away from my torso for relief! Yours is the first post I've read in relation to this and I'm grateful I'm not the only one in the world that feels this way. If you're walking 5 miles........ I feel like you're way ahead of the game! Best of the best wishes to you for full recovery! Ann
  4. Hi, Roz, I had upper right lobe removed and my pre-surgery pulmonary eval was excellent. Really had no symptoms of cancer, a bout with pneumonia showed disease.
  5. Hi, Sharon, It's been almost 6 weeks since my traditional open lobectomy. I am also discouraged but I'm told time and again "It's a big surgery". I've also learned from folks, as others have stated here, everyone and every surgery is different so the recovery is different for each of us. I've learned that some will recover within a month or two and others could take a year or more.... so like you, I'm pretty discouraged. I was put on Gabapentin and it works "ok" though I found that it made me very emotional and my legs felt like jelly so I went off. Well, I'm back on because of the discomfort, using that and Advil regularly. One thing that is a comfort.... at first I thought that there was something wrong, perhaps I wasn't healing properly. Now I am pretty comfortable in knowing that what is needed is time... to heal. Tom - Hopefully you see this! I get a general sense that being that I had the traditional, open lobectomy, I could be dealing with the burning/pulling/pain for a solid12-18 months.... would you say that is accurate? (If I'm lucky, I should say, as your experience has been quite the rough road in regards to pain, it seems). It's pretty constant, tolerable sometimes but at other times it's truly painful! A friend of mine who had the surgery told me to expect the 12-18 months.... Also, I understand that having shortness of breath is normal, could you comment on how long that could go on? I'm having shortness of breath even just having a lengthy conversation - can you say if that is normal?? Thanks, Ann
  6. Thanks, all, very much appreciate input and advice as always. The nausea is mostly controlled today... mostly..... already treatment weary and I've only just begun. You all amaze & inspire me, Ann
  7. The only med that is specific is the Dexamethasone (which states 2 tablets on days 2, 3 and 4 of treatment cycle) - the other two are "as needed every 4-6 hours".
  8. Also.... I've been drinking water to stay hydrated. I feel like drinking the water is making me more nauseous, is it terrible if I don't drink a ton of water tonight? Thanks, all...
  9. All, Had chemotherapy today. For some reason I was under the impression that nausea began day 2 or 3. I'm feeling pretty nauseous right now (7 hours after chemo drugs administered). For some reason I can't remember if my doctor addressed if it is safe to take anti nausea meds so soon? Anti nausea meds were given intravenous today prior to the cisplatin & pemetrexed. Is it safe to take this evening? I have Compazine and Zofran. I know the Dexamethasone I can't take until tomorrow. Appreciate feedback!! Ann
  10. Great news! I'm 4 weeks out of an open lobectomy (not as invasive as yours) but a big surgery just the same. Try not to get discouraged in the healing process, it will come. It seemed like each week I turn a corner in regards to not as much pain and the ability to do more. I try to describe it to my daughter, all that's going on in my torso... "It's like a pulling, burning, bruised feeling in addition to zings, zangs and spasms.." SO much going on - apparently all normal. So glad they got it all, keep us posted!
  11. Thanks for the replies, all! Being that chemotherapy tends to bring those white cells down, I would think it would be standard to give the Neulasta (or Neupogen) instead of waiting for a potentially dangerous situation. I'll be inquiring next week.... Thanks, Ann
  12. Hi, All, Has anyone been given Neulasta after chemotherapy treatment? As I understand it, it's to boost your white blood cells. I'm going to ask at my chemo teaching session but I've not seen anyone mention this drug. My co-worker went through nclc treatment last year, she said she was given the drug 24 hours after each treatment. Thanks, Ann
  13. Wow! Thanks for that info.... any fever at all including low grade?
  14. Yikes! 7 sticks! Guess I will see how it goes, there wasn't any mention of a port... I started taking the folic acid today orally. I had asked on my other post about the steroid and wondering why my Doc doesn't have me taking it prior to treatment - only after treatment. I was prescribed the 2 additional nausea meds (same ones you mention) to take as needed. Thanks for the web site reference - I'll check it out!
  15. Hi, Roz, thanks for the response. I will be having treatments closer to home at the Seacoast Cancer Center in Dover NH. Why did they switch your meds from Carboplatin to Cisplatin?
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