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  1. Thanks, Tom, for your usual great information. PCI is nothing pending at the moment and doc did want us to speak to our PCP first and even will set up a meeting with a radiologist for us. Mom's concern is that at age 70 she still teaches piano and doesn't want to suffer any permanent memory loss because of her students. But doctor did say if any brain lesions are found in the future they can be zapped by SRBT. Personally I think she should have it done, maybe not now but sometime this year. Other opinions welcome! Joy
  2. Thanks everyone for your responses. Tomorrow is mom's last day of chemo. We talked to her doctor today and he wants scans every 4 months for the coming 2 years. After 3 years every 6 months. And blood work, too. Though mom was diagnosed early PT1a pNO, and had surgery, her lung nodule was SCLC. So the extra precaution will be taken. Her brain MRI was negative but he did speak to us about getting the PCI of the brain just as precautionary . Doc urged us to get more opinions on this as sometimes the side effects can cause a bit of brain damage, or dizziness, forgetfulness. If anyone has opinions on PCI that would be helpful as well. Bottom line: Doctor says mom's long term prognosis is 'excellent'. We are very happy. Joy
  3. Mom will be finishing her chemo on Friday. Then we'll have to face the dreaded 'scanxiety.' We will be speaking to get onc about this, but I'm wondering will the scans be only in the primary affected lung area. Or also maybe brain scans, liver, esophagus, home etc., as well. Also, will she still have to have blood monitored? Thanks. Joy
  4. I know the 'Saved by the Scan' promotion by the ACS is working well. It would be wonderful if RBG would speak out and do a PSA on how her LC was found. I know all of us here are aware but so many others could greatly benefit from early scanning who either don't know about it, or are too scared to find out.
  5. I'm wondering about that too, Tom. Also the size of her nodules. They both must have been small. I'm thinking of her tonight. A lobectomy is no day at the beach for anyone. She's one tough lady to go through it at 85 years old.
  6. Thank you Lauren. We are very hopeful and thankful she got through this quite easily. Her last treatment is Jan 4th. And I will continue to post about how she's doing and follow up scans.
  7. Just read the news, too. No mention if any lobes were also removed. Prayers for RBG. 🙏
  8. Update on Mom's hair since I lasted posted Dec 14th. It's grown almost 2 inches all over her head. Her last infusion is 10 days away. I hope she doesn't lose it again but we are open minded and thankful no matter what. Joy
  9. I am impressed it appears she beat the cancer. I'm a medical transcriptionist and no matter what a person passes away from, it they've had any kind of cancer, it's on the death certificate. But I surely do understand the family's wishes. Take care, Lexie.
  10. Lexie, I also remember her dx of LC with mets. I don't know why the family would not announce her apparently beating it. But she will be sadly missed. Her film Awakenings was ground breaking in my opinion.
  11. Thanks ladies for your input. Mom's hair has always been baby fine. There are not clumps of hair all over the place, I think she is losing it gradually. She also thinks some little hairs may already be growing back. She likes the chemo beanie hats and she has one wig she wears outside the house. Thanks for suggestions on hair growth supplements. I think when it's time she will want her head shaved. Joy
  12. Mom's done 3 out of her 4 infusions and it about 75% bald. My question is, is it better to shave off all the hair? She still has some left that she thinks will not fall out. I think if we shave it all off her new hair will grow through quicker. I'd like other ladies experiences. Thanks. Joy
  13. Hi Candi. I want to send you all my hopes,good wishes and prayers for the very best outcome for you. God bless. Joy
  14. Hello, Robb. My 70 year old mother had right lower lobe lobectomy in Sept. Her surgeon said she came through like a champ. We both wish you a good outcome and speedy recovery as well. Joy
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