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    Thank you for your warm welcome and your explanations. Information is always good.  First morning after my biopsy and I am feeling tired but basically fine. I need to call my doctor on Monday for a follow up appointment. He will know when he will get the results so it should be a week from now appointment. I am glad that the doctors are double checking but I guess my tumour was big enough  and in the right spot to biopsy. My family doctor has already talked to me about my oncologist team and where my treatments could take place so I think he is pretty sure of the outcome of the biopsy. He says that he wants to move fast. I have not told my large family yet and I have been feeling guilty but at the same time glad that I am taking a wait and see approach. We lost my second youngest sister to small bowel cancer just three years ago so I want to be sure of my condition before I share it. I am the second oldest of 10 children. We are all in our 50s and 60s and busy with grandchildren and some are still working and not retired like I am. I have never married, am on my own and am an aunt to 21 nieces and nephews and 6 great nieces and nephews-all wonderful of course. I have always had good health, been very active walking and playing sports and being outdoors. I journal every day and purposely looked for a site where I could read what others are going through on their cancer journey. I am inspired by others and am a pretty good listener. I am currently knitting a blanket, and like to listen to the games of my nephew who is a professional hockey coach. I have two very active beagles and take them to our local dog park every day. I do not drive so the walk there and back and around the park tires all of us. It is a beautiful park. I am so lucky to live so close to it. This site is wonderful. I was able to read so much before my biopsy. Thank you to the people who contribute. This site will make my experience so much more endurable. Suzanne
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    My name is Suzanne and I have just had my lung biopsy this morning. My family doctor has already told me that I have cancer but the doctor today told me that the biopsy is to find out if I do have cancer. I have already accepted that I do have cancer but apparently I need to wait a week for confirmation. Does the biopsy tell you other things also? I was expecting a needle through the front of my chest but the doctor did it through the back with me lying on my stomach. It was painless except for one time where I thought the need went through to my breast. Weird feeling I must say. Everyone was very warm and caring at the hospital. They even serve a lunch once a patient wakes up. I will write more once I figure out that this is the right place to place my introduction.
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