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  1. Thanks Tom, I’m sure Olive oil can’t hurt. I have read that there is a drug called Ethyol that is an injectable and can be given prior to each treatment to decrease the risk/severity of esophagitis. I need to talk to Radiation/onc about it. Blessings.
  2. Plans are to start radiation on 10/21. I have one node under the right clavicle, a node near the tracheoesophageal area, a large one below the carina (where the right and left bronchus split off) and the mass located in the middle lobe. The Varian Trilogy will be used. Radiation onc. feels pneumonitis will almost certainly occur and may well have esophagitis. I have read that the side effects of radiation can be more extensive or have more effects when given concurrently with chemotherapy and that given together does not have much effect on outcome. If this is the case I would rather complete chemo then go on too radiation therapy. Trivial as it sounds, my greatest worry is that I am in as good shape possible for my granddaughter’s wedding November 9, 2019. I told the radiation oncologist and he said I should have no problem if Radiation started 10/21. I have read that esophagitis often starts to be a problem about 3 weeks after radiation starts and this puts me a point very close to the wedding. If I were imminently dying from this condition I would agree to anything, but I am not. I’m dead set on this wedding as it will most likely be the only granddaughter whose wedding I will attend in my lifetime. Your thoughts? Blessings to all
  3. Meeting with radiation onc. tomorrow. Esophagitis is my biggest fear. Blessings
  4. As of today, 7 weeks and 1 day to the big day!!! So very excited!!! To be at that wedding will be a great blessing!!!
  5. We have Medicare too, with United Health Care plan. Haven’t had any deductibles except for prescriptions. So far all tests, doc visits labs and chemo covered with no out of pocket. Not cheap, but can’t complain. Best wishes.
  6. Thanks all. I am so looking forward to this wedding. The bride is my granddaughter. She is an ICU nurse. Her mother is a nurse and so am I. We re three generations of RN’s from the same nursing school.
  7. Today is her bridal shower! November 9 is wedding.
  8. Isabelle49


    Lin, glad to hear the port is working out for you. I wouldn’t think of going through this without one!!! Blessings.
  9. I’ve been taking them, with no noticeable side effects. I try to take them only at night. Coughing during the day isn’t such a big deal for me.
  10. Thanks Michelle. Will get some ginger tea, love ginger. At this point one more round of chemo, unless next scan required a change. Yes that wedding is real soon, 2 months to go!!! Blessings
  11. Finished a round of chemo a week ago Thursday and received Neulasta on Friday. I did feel the effects of the Neulasta primarily lower back and spine, a pulsating sensation that increased in intensity. Wasn’t a true pain, but concerned me that something might rupture. That was only for a day or two and was very intermittent. The new symptom is that every day I start to feel queasy at the same time, about 4:30 pm. Didn’t have this symptom the week after prior chemos. Taste has improved and eating whatever, gaining weight back. Wondering if this could be a part of the Neulasta effect or am I developing a sort of PTST, since I have one more week before chemo starts again. Taking Ativan for it which does help and doesn’t have that mouth drying effect that phenergan does. Thanks all. Blessings.
  12. Thanks Michelle. The jitters were gone by Monday evening, thank goodness. That is a creepy feeling!!!
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