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  1. Tom, thanks for the info re GI effects and skin issues, much appreciated. Colleen, thanks.
  2. Tom did you have any skin issues with radiation or GI problems, such as inability to swallow? Curious as a good friend had the inability to swallow for a very long time.
  3. Thanks Tom. On further thought, I think maybe the doc was negative because this is not a positive situation and he could not have been aware of background or whether I had done any research on the condition. Granted the inter webs isn’t always correct but I do try to locate research papers on subjects related to health conditions rather than just general information. That’s an RN thing. Oh the onc doc was surprised at the end of our visit when I mentioned to him that I had been and RN for 33 years. I do appreciate your input and feel it’s always good to gather information from those who have been there. Nothing like “hands on” experience!!! Thanks.
  4. Met with the Onc after having PET scan. It seems the mass I have in the right lung has almost doubled in size in two months. Even though it has been diagnosed as NSCLC, the onc says it is very fast growing and aggressive. Not sure anything will work for it, but want me to consider seeing Radiology and consider chemo. Says quality of life with treatment will probably not be very good. Quality of life is more important to me than cure, since that doesn’t seem like a possibility. Confused since I seem to have read that NSCLC is a slower growing cancer compared to small cell. I told onc that I have had more shortness of breath and wheezing on right since EBUS, he says it’s not caused by the EBUS but caused by the tumor. Kind of strange since I had no problems in Europe traipsing on foot all over the place and up a mountain to visit an old castle, only two weeks before EBUS was done. Let’s say he had an answer to counter all of my questions and they all seemed negative. I just don’t know what to think.
  5. I’m Isabelle 49. New here. Had a screening CT a week ago and found large mass in right middle lobe and one nodule in left lower lobe. Been a smoker for over 50 years. Traveling overseas at the end of the week and will wait to have biopsies done until we return.
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