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  1. Lalo


    Asking for my friend. Are hiccups a sign that lungs are healing or is it a sign that something bad is developing. #22 on Imfinzi and finished CRT about one year ago for stage 3b squamous cell NSCLC. Hiccups daily for middle of crt treatment then they went away. Now they are back nightly. Any info is appreciated. Thankyou.
  2. Lalo


    Thank you all for your replies and encouragement. I did end up tali g with Dr and he lowered the steroid dose on seco d round of chemo which really helped. There was some rage but quite manageable plus an anxiety pill. Now with all treatment ended for now his meanness has subsided.
  3. Lalo


    CCRT is over and now waiting to be scanned end of October to see how and if treatment worked. If tumor shrunk enough they will start immunotherapy. However we have asked the question what if it did not shrink enough or other things prohibit immunotherapy. Then what? Do you just sit around and wait for the end? Also during the wait time to be scanned again is it normal to have the side effects they talked about at beginning of treatment? Chemo ended 13 days again and radiation ended 7 days ago. Now no appetite, throat is burning, and sleep constantly. The whole 30 days during treatment there were literally no side effects. Does this mean treatment wasnt effective? 73 yr old male dx with stage iiib non operable squamous cell nsclc Are there signs if treatment worked or did not work? Does it always work? Basically i cant seem to find what happens next if immunotherapy is not an option. Any insight is appreciated.
  4. Hi and don't despair. In the beginning of my friend's treatment we heard "everyone is different" for almost every question we asked regarding progression, lenght of survivial etc. Stage iiiB lung cancer is considered advanced and in Ed's case, inoperable. However, he is getting treatment with "cure" in mind, according to both the radiation oncologist and the internal medicine oncologist. I have my serious doubts - although optimistic, but he is doing quite well with three weeks of treatment behind him and 4 more to go, both chemo and radiation. He is sleeping an awaful lot each day, but that's OK and it's expected, other than that he is realtively symptom and side effect free at this time. We keep waiting for the other shoe to drop but so far so good. Keep a positive attitude and one day at a time, and everyone is different and responds differently to treatment. Chin up!
  5. Lalo


    Hi, I haven't posted in awhile because my friend that I take care of had his first round of chemo - 6 days, and radiation everyday since July 29. The chemo along with the steroids made him an actual crazy man, and I thought who is this person. He was anxious, short tempered, and I even would say down right hateful and mean. I knew it had to be from the steriods and by the end of day 6 i was on my knees thanking God this first round was over. Tomorrow is the end of three weeks and he is back to his normal - pre steriod - person, and even with 3 weeks of radiation in him the fatigue has hit him but not like he had expected from all of the "prepatory" meetings with the doctors and nurses. The fatigue is bad but not debilitating and there has been so far no other side effects other than the skin turning pink. Has anyone else had such good outcome after 3 weeks?
  6. I agree 100% - I'm the caregiver for Ed who was dx with stage 3B inoperable squamous cell lung cancer in May. He wants to remain ignorant and not read anything about it or it's treatment. I am the opposite and have read everything there is to read available and still confused.He lost his voice in December 2018 and has remained voiceless since the larygeal nerve is crushed by the tumor. He starts actual treatment of cisplatin and etopiside on the 29th - so we will know first hand what is what but the fear of unknown is horrible, reading what everyone else has and is going through and all the suggestions has alievated some of the fear - so thankful. So thankful to read positive outcomes as well - gives us both much hope. thank you all.
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