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  1. Hi Justin, I had terrible pain when I ate at the end of my radiation. I used Magic Mouthwash and it helped long enough for me to eat a meal. It’s a prescription that I would drink before a meal. Lidocaine and a couple other things. Not sure if they have it over there but it’s worth a shot. Good luck Babs
  2. Hey Lexie, Did you follow up with submitting any medical documents to them when you applied? I filed 2 days ago and it said I should send medical documents but they weren’t specific on what? I did give my Doc a heads up that I applied and they would probably be hearing from them. Thanks for any help, Babs
  3. I had my 10th treatment today. Very quiet! Greeted at the front door by the health care worker with the mask, gloves and gown with a clipboard. Had to answer 4-6 questions about fever, symptoms, travel, etc. If you answer no to all, you are allowed to proceed to your appointment. I was told later if you answered yes to any, you would not be allowed to enter and advised of your next steps. My BP was unusually high, I think due to the fact I was nervous about being there. I told my nurse I really thought hard about whether it was smarter to forgo 1 treatment to try and avoid the virus or not? She didn’t disagree. Sad it’s come to that! Glad our treatments are still essential services, I’m sure they will stay that way. All be safe, Babs
  4. Hi, Tomm - Thanks for the info. Do you think your side effects went away because of the meds? My Onc was thinking about starting me on steroids today as the CT showed some “activity, inflammation, fluid” but wasn’t real concerned, especially when I told her my back pain and shortness of breath seemed to be getting a little better. She thought we should watch it and see what happens going forward. I agreed. She did say the original tumor is “scar tissue now with no signs of cancer cells”. Good I guess? Amazing how you think you understand everything being said and later question what you heard. I even had hubby with me. 😆 Hope all is well with you and the rest here. I have yet to know all your stories. Take care, Babs
  5. Hi all, I am going for my 9th dose of Durva today, also results of CT scan from last Thursday. Did anybody in their course of treatment have side effects stop or get better? Was having terrible muscle joint pain and started having back pain that would wake me early morning and had to get out of bed. It seems to be subsiding some. Also my shortness of breath is less often. I’m not complaining mind you, just curious. Thanks, Babs
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