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  1. Glad to hear you’re in remission! Hopefully the side effects are such that you can tolerate them. My plan is to go on to Keytruda for maintenance after 6 treatments and I guess stay on it as long as it’s working. I’m thinking there will be minimal side effects with just the Keytruda. Well good luck . Sounds like you’re responding well. Babs
  2. Deb, Are you or did you stop at 4 and went on maintenance? If so, how were your side effects? Babs
  3. Bridget, Where do you get the ORS? Sounds like something everybody should keep on hand since I’ve learned how important it is to stay hydrated. Thanks, Babs
  4. Hi all, So I had my 4th treatment of triplet on Monday, and at the advice of my Doctor at the Mayo Clinic they did decrease the dose of the Taxol by 25% in hopes of lessening the side effects and getting me to 6 treatments. Yikes!! Past treatments I have had terrible leg pain, so we’ll see if this makes it better. My Doctor here is on board with the Mayo Clinic. I had a CT scan last week and the tumor is shrinking. The Mayor Doc used the word “significant”. He met with the tumor board and they discussed the possibility of some kind of precision Radiation. Either after my 6th treatm
  5. Hey Lexie, Did you follow up with submitting any medical documents to them when you applied? I filed 2 days ago and it said I should send medical documents but they weren’t specific on what? I did give my Doc a heads up that I applied and they would probably be hearing from them. Thanks for any help, Babs
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