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  1. NSCLC 1B. Bottom right lung lobectomy + 4 rounds of adjuvant chemo May 2019. No lympnode involvement. May 2021 nodule near surgery location grew 1mm. Appointment for PET. Is there a chance this is scar tissue. If not do I have a chance to live a long life and is a second lobectomy an option. Are there treatments for this. Is it bad if it comes back in same location?
  2. Donna your post is so encouraging! What was the size of your tumor? Did you do adjuvant therapy? Love to hear back
  3. Hi Bridget O. Congratulations on remaining NED. May I ask the size of your tumor and if you were a former smoker? Thanks in advance.

    1. BridgetO


      Hi Banna, I can't find my pathology report but If I remember correctly, my tumor was around 1 cm, more or less. I never smoked but I did live with smokers,so had a lot of second hand smoke.

  4. Bridget O. What was the size of your tumor? Thanks
  5. Here's a questions everyone. If you were diagnosed with Stage 1B 4cm adenocarcinoma (upper right lung) that did not spread to any of the 10 lymph notes that were tested and you had the tumor removed via lobectomy and you doctor said you don't need further treatment but another doctor offered chemo because of the size, do you go for the chemo? And if you do and there is a recurrence, will the previous chemo make it more difficult to treat the recurring tumor? Please offer some advise on this. Thanks
  6. Tom you are the most positive person I've ever encountered and MUCH needed on this forum. "Stay the course."
  7. Thank you. I feel better knowing you were staged at 1B without further treatment. My fiance's was 4cm (1B) with further treatment. They removed 10 lymph nodes and all were negative. I need to relax because this is beginning to consume me.
  8. Deb, what was the size of your tumor?
  9. Curt, if you don’t mind sharing, what was the size of your tumor? My fiance’s was 4cm
  10. Thank you Tom. I was just such a shock and panic set in. I really need to focus on the positive
  11. Curt, thank you soooo much for this! I am a basket case.
  12. Thank you so much. I guess I never expected to have cancer removal surgery, and then nothing now but scanning and waiting.
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