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  1. Everything in the last month seems to be happening at light speed. My husband's cancerous lung mass first was found as an incidental finding on a CT scan taking for another purpose. That was followed by a PET scan and biopsy (confirmed squamous cell lung carcinoma), MRI of the brain, bone scan, and breathing function tests. We consulted locally with an oncologist, a radiation oncologist and a thoracic surgeon. The mass is just under 5 cm. At this point they don't believe it has spread. My husband is very active and has no symptoms whatsoever although he complains of some minor discomfort since the biopsy. All of the doctors consulted and agreed that a lobectomy was the best route since the the tumor is right up against the heart in the upper left lobe. We quickly scheduled surgery but then started having second thoughts and want to be sure we've done all our homework first. We are reading about proton radiation and also considering traveling to one of the large cancer centers for a second opinion. My husband is concerned about the long recovery with surgery (he's not a good patient). I've started going through all of the information on this site and am finding it helpful, but a bit overwhelming - like everything else about this. ETA: I guess in a way we're fortunate it was found. If it had not been an incidental finding on that first CT scan, he may never have received any screening since he never smoked and there was no history in his family.
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