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  1. Hi everyone I have had little in terms of information from oncologist about regime for Survulamab and presume at next appointment I will get some further information . Would appreciate your understanding of the typical regime and routine . It appears fortnightly infusions over 42 weeks ? from Opals post pre infusion bloods each time . I guess around an hour per infusion. Any other monitoring ? thanks Grahame
  2. Anyone else have an issue with tapatalk. Won’t accept my lungevity log on? For use in this forum thanks Grahame
  3. Thank you Tomm I have yet to speak specifically with the oncologist about the process and management plan for Durvulamab. Just wait 6 weeks post radiation and chemo before start. Any thoughts on concomitant use IV vitamin C thanks Grahame
  4. Hi Just joined . Stage 3B adenocarcinoma left lung and mediastinal nodes. Completed radical radiation and chemo with Cisplatin and Etoposide and await commencement of Durvulamab. Interested in others experiences
  5. Zimbabwean born, New Zealand resident european male Family Physcician recentlybdiagnosed NSCLC Satge 3B . Just completed radicalnradiotherapy and chemotherapy with Cisplatin and Etoposide. Await start Durvulamab
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