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  1. I just got rated 100% Service Connected Disability. Also just found out I have a 4.5 cm solid mass lesion in upper left lung, large pleural effusion, and some enlarge lymph glands, Looking for information on how to get non VA specialist because my local VA facility does not have the facilities for lung cancer patients.I will be getting a biopsy this week and have the effusion drained. Does VA pay for radiation or chemical therapy?
  2. Looking for veterans who have experienced non-VA specialist care for lung cancer.  I would like to know the process to gain authority for obtaining a non-VA specialist.

    1. Tom Galli

      Tom Galli

      I did not use VA facilities to treat my lung cancer. When diagnosed, I was working and covered by a company-provided health insurance policy. I've used VA health system after retirement from private sector. To your question about the process for obtaining non-VA specialist health care, does this answer your question.

      Depending on the state you live in, you may be able to consult county Veterans Services officers who are very knowledgable about obtaining exemptions and permissions from VA authorities. Also helpful are VFW and American Legion posts who have experienced members to assist veterans in dealing with the VA. This help is often provided even if you do not join the organization.

      Let me know if you have these resources or tell me the state you live in so I can research sources of information about how to arrange VA paid care outside the VA medical system.

  3. Recently found out that I have cancer in left lung along with pleurisy effusion and enlarged lymph glands. I will be getting a biopsy and drain the pleurisy effusion this week, I have a C&P exam next week that will designate me as a Veteran with a 100% service connected disability. This will be a major factor in working with the expenses that are sure to happen with me. I am able to secure a non-VA specialist since my local VA Medical Center is not equipped to work with lung cancer patients. I would like to connect with other veterans who have non-VA specialist .experience.
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