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  1. Hi Gang ..

    Sorry to say that I'm back at Camden Clark Hospital in Parkersburg. I was admitted yesterday for severe chest pains. They say it's all part of the radiation burns.

    My onc said that if we could take all the sysmptoms of radiation burns and put them into one body, they could do it with mine. Its been a month in the hosp and 20 lbs.

    I've never been a posted guy before! This is kinda coool!! LOL

    Love you all!


  2. Hi Everyone!

    Thank you Chris for being my voice while chained to that little bitty hosp room.

    I'm still not home. What we thought was pnumonia has turned out to be radiation burns. Talk about pain. Wow!! Mommy Daddy make it go away!!!

    Bad news ... cancer has moved to my liver. I'll keep you posted on whats going on there. I can't have chemo until I heal up.

    You guys mean the world to me. I'll be back online soon. This is just another test from our friend upstairs. He has something planned for me but I don't know what just yet. It takes me a while to get it sometimes! LOL! Engineering degree and all.. LOL

    Love you!


  3. Hi Deb,

    I'm glad you found us, but I'm sorry you had to. We're here to help you. The first week or so after being diagnosed is a confusing, roller coster and strenuous time on your nerves and body.

    Everyone here will tell you to ask all the questions you can. What type of cancer is it? What can I expect from the treatment? What treatment can I expect? If Chemo, what kind? What side effects? If radiation? How many treatments? Having a lobectamy tells me they caught it early and it's not small cell (I could be wrong). Doc thinks he can get it from surgery. Probably following up with chemo/radiation.

    Your body will change. This is a life changing experience. Don't read any of the statistics. You be your own statistic. The one that goes into remission, lives a long happy life and can help others who have gone through the same.

    OH, don't forget to ask God for a little help. You'd be surprised.

    All the best to you and your friend.



  4. Hi Jill,

    I'm very sorry to hear about your mom. I can tell you that I had radiation to my hip and it helped with the pain. I wasn't able to walk and after 14 treatments and a few weeks for it to kick in, I was up and doing laps around the city park (1 mile). The radiation takes time to kick in though so be patient.

    Don't worry about the 1 year thing the doc said. He gave me 6-8 months. I'm still going strong.

    If you need anything, just yell!


  5. Hi Gang!

    What a great feeling that they found absolutely NOTHING in my head! And yes, you can take that anyway you like!!!

    I played golf of Saturday and had to stop to breathe when I walked from the cart to the ball so I knew something was amiss. Thank you for all of your help and advise on the SVC syndrome..

    We'll beat this. We MUST and we WILL!

    Now, has anyone seen my squirrel? He didn't show up on the MRI!! hehehehe

    Love you all!


  6. Hi Morgan. Sorry you had to find us. While I was reading your post, I felt the sense of frustration in your writing. Even though you can only help on the weekends, you're still helping. Don't feel badly about not being able to get off from work. I can relate to that.

    I hope that her treatment is more effective than just a few extra months. Let us know how things are progressing.

    Big hugs!


  7. Hi Sue!

    I know of ONC docs who only want people to do trials. It makes them look good to the ONC community. I believe we need trials. Absolutely. But who does them should be completely voluntary. You do what's right to YOU. Additionally, I see alot of folks here telling others to get a second opinion. In your case, I would do just that. Find another ONC and see what he/she has to say.

    Keep us posted. Glad you found us.


  8. Eppie! I still love ya!

    Tomorrow is ONC day. I'm seeing so much of this guy that I'm beginning to think we're golf partners. This brain radiation has been a butt kicker but I'm glad it's over and the effects moving on.

    I'm betting that on Monday the play will be chemo for DB. Will keep you posted.


  9. Hello!

    I'm finishing up my 14th and final head radiation today! Yes, I know it doesn't take very long for them to radiate my brain. Not much there... I've heard all the jokes since this started!! LOL!

    A couple of weeks and it's MRI time to determine if this worked. I'm confident that it has.

    Going to start some chemo in a few weeks to reoccurance in my chest. Until then, it's great to have a break!! I've been working 1/2 days and staying active.

    Talk to you soon!!!


  10. Hi Everyone!

    From the bottom of my heart thank you!! Thank you for praying and thinking of me. I have such a huge support network that even after 3 days in the hospital the word had spread for it was a steady stream of visitors in and out of my room.

    I'm not exactly sure what to expect from the brain radiation. I'm sure that my squirrel is not very happy. If anyone has any info on it (not the squirrel), I would love to hear what I can expect.

    I'm off to my own bed where I don't get someone sticking needles in my arm at 3am. :-)

    Oh, and I'm still doing to my speach at the Relay for Life Friday night.

    Love you all! You're awesome!


    Chris, thank you so very much for being my friend and posting the update. You have the greatest heart. Te' Adoro

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