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  1. I was rereading this and laughing when I realized that some of these things have been done by my children.

    Dirty underwear out when company comes, flushing the toilette while I shower, scratching CDs, programming a passcode into my cell phone (IT HAS A PASSCODE?!?!{luckily my first guess was right{1234}])

  2. When your purse contains: matchbox cars. babywipes, 2 pacifiers, smashed lipstick (somebody twisted the bottom), and a partly wrapped lollipop.

    When you'vr left the children with the sitter and are driving out to dinner with your husband and say "Lookie, choo choo train."

    You feel naked if you leave the house without a diaper bag on your shoulder and a child on your hip.

  3. Thank you for your loving words.

    It was, hard to have Daddy die on Christmas morning, but we do remember God's most loving gift was given on that day.

    The lights keep flickering high and low, but not off. When it first happened I was taking care of my son by the nightlight, and I thought, "Oh, stop teasing!" Then I thought isn't that just like Dad to tease me. Now, the lights flicker when I am in a room by myself. My Dad was some kinda teaser.


  4. Dad died this Christmas morning.

    After one final sigh; a tear ran from his eye down his cheek. It must have come from me, leaning over him to say goodbye. He was too dehydrated to cry.

  5. Last night was terrible for my Dad. He had several hours of labored breathing, pain and anxiety. After multiple doses of morphine and ativan, he was able to sleep, but not well. The breathing, however, was much better.

    This morning he says he is ready to go. He is now sleeping peacefully.....

    I love him so very much.


  6. My headache is gone and has not returned.

    The Dr. called but I didn't take the call, nor did the Dr. leave a message. I can't be sick.

    Dad has some periods of alertness and I don't want to miss any time with him.

    The children have been so good. I didn't g-tube feed my son for hours this morning; just too busy. He didn't even complain. Just sat in his wheelchair catching a kiss from me as I ran back and forth.


  7. Dad has had a bad turn and I got such a violet headache I was vomiting. The Dr. sent me for a CT scan.

    "It's about time you had your head examined." said my dear husband. I laughed plenty.


  8. My Dad is now having periods of apnea during the day and night. The hospice nurse and Dr. saw him today at home and said this happens toward the end. "He may not make it to New Years." She said.

    I had a headache and vomiting this morning so violent he Dr sent me in for a CT scan. They had me in and out of the hospital in one hour, God bless them. I told the children that Granddaddy's sickness is getting worse and he may die soon, but Mommy just is regular sick and will be better very soon. I have to be.

    I thank our loving God for good pain medicine and the people who know how to help us use them.

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