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  1. Sarna lotion gave my Dad some relief from the itching. I get itches when I'm stressed and steriod creams help me.
  2. I was rereading this and laughing when I realized that some of these things have been done by my children. Dirty underwear out when company comes, flushing the toilette while I shower, scratching CDs, programming a passcode into my cell phone (IT HAS A PASSCODE?!?!{luckily my first guess was right{1234}])
  3. The mouth wash Wendy mentioned in called magic mouthwash. Mylanta, benadril and lidocaine. It can also be made without the lidocaine if the mouth numbing feeling makes you uneasy.
  4. When you have the power to "kiss the booboo and make it better"
  5. My current "job" is 'at home Mom'. It is the hardest job I've ever loved. Before children I was a computer teacher. I really loved that job too. Gwen
  6. It is OK for Grandmothers to serve only dessert for dinner sometimes. It is also OK to have birthday cake for breakfast the day after your birthday. (for teenagers)You will not die of imbarrassment.
  7. When your purse contains: matchbox cars. babywipes, 2 pacifiers, smashed lipstick (somebody twisted the bottom), and a partly wrapped lollipop. When you'vr left the children with the sitter and are driving out to dinner with your husband and say "Lookie, choo choo train." You feel naked if you leave the house without a diaper bag on your shoulder and a child on your hip.
  8. Kelly, I love your younger brother for taking care of the "spiders on the wall" for your Mom.
  9. It's like you held a mirror up for me. "Survivors" as a description for the family members who weep for watching their loved one suffer is a n apt term. I, too, will go back to my Mom tomorrow and look on the time there as time to learn. Thank you for sharing your insight. Gwen
  10. What a loving, clever and thoughtful son you have. I hope I can find a way to make my Mother laugh again
  11. After the robbery (ies)they have to close for a while while the police gather information
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