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  1. My son is 12 now was 11 when all this happened... its granpa tho and not dad so its kinda different... granpa lives with us and has since my son was 3 yrs old so he has seen the deterioration from a crotchety older man passionate about the lawn to a man who can barely walk across the room we told him from the starts whats happening from the start...and he comes to us with fears an concerns but he tends to shut it away too... so every once in a while he breaks down
  2. kaneohegirl


    Im so sorry Julia... he was a inspiration for so many here on the board... my heart goes out to you!
  3. get the hospice to try lomotil first and if it doesnt stop within 2 doses or so ask for Tincture of Opium... my dad had uncontrolled Diarrhea and that is finnally what helped gotta be careful with ToO cause it has to be used EXACTLY like the directions say...
  4. yep it was nice to just sit back... and BREATHE... Remember how I said I was gonna go see my Dad after the Hubby came home... BUT then my oldest son was brought home by a friends mom because he was playing touch football and was running backwards fell and hit the back of his head on CONCRETE...so we spent 5 hours in the ER...in which the DR looked at me and said you look familiar LOL...no broken skull or bruising but they did find a MASSIVE sinus infection...so we got antibiotics for that ... took baby to the Dr he has a different strain of the flu than before...so deffinitly cannot bring Dad home till the fevers stop...hopefully it wont spread to the other kids
  5. THANKS!!! I got up and dressed felt good...went to get the rug rat ready to go and he looks at me and says "mommy I cold!"... red cheecks and I touch him and hes burning up...102.3 sooo no visit to Dad till the Hubby gets home later tonight... it was really nice just to know I didnt HAVE to do anything...
  6. pop is in a skilled nursing facility doing some rehab after being in the hospital for the crud/flu/whatever... I have been sick still am...all 3 of my kids were down with 104 temps... I am NOT a bad person for taking 1 day an lounging for me...RIGHT? I am usually at the facillity 1-3 times a day...taking a day that I dont feel like total crap an just taking the day to do whatever is fine ...its gotta be ..an yet I feel guilty... know what I did today? I took a LONG shower... played monopoly Jr with my youngest...made a sandwich for the 2 of us and took a NAP...thats it it was GREAT!
  7. all blood cultures have come back negative.... they are pretty confused as to what may have caused the fevers... its been a day and a half with no fever so the oncologist an the Infectious disease drs cant exsplain it because its not indicative of other things and doesnt present with other things...
  8. still in the hospital...they have changed to a oral antibiotic and feel they may transfer him to a skilled nursing facility for more care/rehab. nurse that has been the main care giver feels that we need to bring hospice in soon as he doesnt attempt to eat enough to sustain himself. she feels he is soo weak that she doesnt think there will be alot of time left. BP is still low as they are weaning him off the IV he is supposed to drink more but has not been as a result his bp is starting to drop again I dont know what to do.
  9. the general Dr is baffled... they have called in a Infectious Disease Dr to rule out any Infectious disease they cant figure out...they have drawn so much blood (for blood cultures) he is very grouchy about it and they want more tomorrow. They have called in the Oncology partner for my Dads Dr and she ordered a new chest Xray to compare with the last one a few days ago as well as a CT. but she also wants the Infectious Disease Dr to rule out anything. he is so weak he cant barely lift a cup. and they want him to do PT tomorrow...that should be interesting. BP is still low and he has diminished breath sounds even after RT has done a treatment... he is ANGRY that no one can tell him whats wrong with him... Which is the first emotion I have seen out of him since this all started...
  10. been to the hospital 2x today... Dad is wipped out... he cant stay awake... he will start to talk to me an drop off mid sentance or try to read the paper an slips off... He has had fevers all through the night...they ordered blood cultures and have done a nose swab for the flu... BP is still very low... I will go back tonight an see what they have to say...
  11. the "failure to thrive" statement came out of the Dr's own mouth...with a meaningful look at me... at which I kept my brain on hold for 5 mins after he left the room with the excuse of getting a candy bar went to the waiting room used my cell phone to call the nurses station an asked for the wonderful nurse that had been very knowledgable and kind to come to the waiting room...at which point I almost lost it. but she reassured me that it is a nutricional Dx... that he isnt taking in enough nutricion to support his body and he needs to eat more to get it... and the cause could be from him not being hungary, to deppression, or even just not wanting to... the thing that gets me is there is NOTHING they can do about the Bp... its WAY too low... 83/49 sets off the Bp alarms... so Im concerned that if he does develop the pneumonia itll be too much for him.
  12. so my dad is in the hospital again... he has a UTI and a possibility of Pneumonia, and dehydration... and a failure to thrive....currently not on any treatment...but wants to be but too weak failure to thrive... shoots the man I have to harrass to eat... to drink water... so now I worry he is on the downward slide... is he dying?... just sick? ... depressed? I dont know...
  13. my dad had broke his hip in Dec... he dislocated it late thurs night... he has been in the hospital till yesterday... hes home now but with a new Dx...possible Diabetes... they want me to keep him on a Diabetic diet and monitor his sugar 4x a day. needless to say hes not happy and openly defiant... first thing he did was grab a beer when he came in. how many of you have or have developed Diabetes along with Cancer... and how do you maintain calories when you are skinny as a rail an dont eat enough as it is? this is real conflicting. I know that his beer and candy are just empty calories that do nothing nutricinally but when the man wont eat but half of what you put in front of him then asks for his ice cream what can you do...
  14. once you find your img at flicker... and have palced you title an name 1. save it to your desktop or someplace easy to find 2. go to photobucket an upload it so they can host it 3. use the direct img link to copy the url 4. then to post the img here there is a box under the subject line that says Img...click once... paste your url of the photo in photo bucket...then click the Img box again if you then preview your post your img should be there bold as can be... if you feel it is still to big you can use photobucket resizer to bring it down... to forum size which is 640x480pixels if anyone needs help posting or doesnt have a way to alter your pic you can send me all your direct link to the phot an what the band name is and title I can put it together for you in a jiffy email me at [email protected] just be sure to put lc in the subject ine so I dont delete you by accident LOL
  15. The Band Cover Art You are about to have your own band’s CD cover. Follow these directions to the letter. It’s fun and requires no thought at all. Go to…… 1: Wikipedia Random www.wikipedia.org goto the left nav bar and select random article The first article title on the page is the name of your band. 2: Go to da Random Quotations page. http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3 The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album. 3: Go to Flickr. http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/ The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover. 4: Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post the result as a comment in this post. Also, pass it along on your own blog, because it’s more amusing that way. Ok here is mine... LOL dont you wonder if this is how they do it sometimes...
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