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  1. Very exciting news! !!!! Actually talked to my doc about this issue. AND ALL THANKS TO YOU AND LUNGEVITY FORUM!!! Otherwise I'd never found out about these things! She directed my email to "genetics lab" which apparently still have my tissue sample but it turned out that I didn't have the gene mutation (I think it was for the critonizib? medicine). But it was definitely worth a shot! Jussi
  2. Good People! I've written something about this before... Here's a press release about latest oncolytic virus developments; taken from www.oncos.com Oncolytic viruses mediating anti-tumor immunity in human cancer patients published by Oncos Therapeutics and University of Helsinki May 18, 2010. Helsinki, Finland – Oncos Therapeutics, a biotech company developing new cancer therapeutics based on the next generation oncolytic viruses, published today initial results from its Advanced Therapy Access Program in Cancer Research. The results demonstrate anti-tumor immunity of oncolytic viruses – pub
  3. Thanks Randy for posting this! Looks very good! -Jussi
  4. Interesting news again.... Gene 'may ward off lung cancer' Scientists have pinpointed a gene which protects against lung cancer. It is hoped the discovery of the role of the tumour suppressor gene - LIMD1 - may lead to new treatments and techniques to pick up disease earlier. Lung cancer is the UK's biggest cancer killer, claiming around 33,600 lives a year, partly because it often only detected at a late stage. The University of Nottingham study appears in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The researchers compared lung cancer tissue with healthy lung tissue.
  5. Hi Thought I'd post this here from BBC News. Good thing science is going forward! Gene 'roadmap' for lung cancers The most complete survey yet of the genes which go wrong when lung cancer takes hold has been carried out by US researchers. The findings, which doubled the number of genes linked to a common form of the disease, will guide researchers in the hunt for new treatments. A UK specialist said some of the genes listed by the research were already being examined further by scientists. Fewer than 10% of UK lung cancer patients survive more than five years. Like most cancers, the dev
  6. Thanks RandyW for this information! I need to show this to my doc next week! All the best Jussi
  7. Hi Anne! Just wanted to write to you, although I noticed the thread is old. I'm 8 months survivor on stage IV now (adenocarcinoma, with liver mets). I was reading this thread and dadstimeon really summed it up, if I may quote: "pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on the saddle" All the best from Finland!!!! Jussi
  8. Hi John! I have similar state as your wife has, mets in liver and nsclc. My diagnosis was in 21st September 2007 and during autumn/winter I completed 6 rounds of chemo. I'm also a proud member of little club called "Bayer medical clinical trial of stage IV lung cancer; Nexavar in combination with cisplatin and gemzar". All the best to you and your wife, don't stare at the statistics too much!!!! As they say; "there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics..." -Jussi
  9. Hi! Thought I post a brief update.... So, today was the last chemo! 6 rounds completed! I'm still continuing with the drug trial (Nexavar). I've had some nausea for a couple of days while having the chemo in hospital, but I've been fine at home. All the best to you people and stay in positive mood! -Jussi
  10. Hi Thanks for this information!!!! I'm actually on Bayer Nexavar trial, but I'm getting the Nexavar w/ Cisplatin and Gemzar. I asked about this (trial results) last week from the doc and she said that Bayer hasn't revealed any results so far about the trial. I guess they are running several trials at the same time with different combinations. Fingers crossed that my "combo platter" has some positive effects... =) Jussi
  11. Thanks for the article!!!!! I'm actually on NSCLC Nexavar trial and they monitor the blood pressure quite regularly. Haven't had any issues with it so far. Thank goodness.... All the best - Jussi
  12. Hello again good people! Haven't written anything in a while... well, here's a short update. Had a 2nd CT scan last week and saw doctor yesterday. She said that mass in lung has shrunk still a bit and pleura has gone thinner as well. Liver remains same from previous scan. So, the treatment continues as planned. Although I couldn't stay at hospital yesterday because some blood value was pretty low still... Another try on Monday. Just crossed some articles in web and seems that the genetherapy treatments are picking up on cancer treatment. Does anybody have some experience / knowledge about
  13. Hi! I'm feeling very good! I haven't had any major side effects. Well I guess the biggest issue has been the "abnormal functionality of the digestive system", if you know what I mean =)... But now I know more and what to eat before and during the treatment! Take it easy and be nice! Christmas is coming! Don't tell me that you didn't know where Santa comes from!? =) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Claus http://www.santaclaus.fi
  14. Hi again good people! Little update... Had a doctors appointment on Tuesday and CT results indicated that the lung tumor had gotten smaller, the "pleural thickening" was smaller, and liver mets were smaller! Although the overall status is still very gloomy, I already got the best Christmas present this year!!!!!! If there's anything good about this disease, it's taught me not to stress about everything so much and enjoy the small happy moments in life. Couldn't get 3rd chemo on Tuesday because some blood value was below limit, so new try tomorrow morning! I wish and pray all the best and s
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