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  1. I have had both a hard time and a wonderful time writing that journal.helps me work some things out as well. I guess i sort of felt that I was such an idiot for smoking after my mother died of the same thing,and my father died as well,I also have emphesyma just like him though not so bad at this time. I am going to make an effort at not punishing myself for this disease,and focusing more on life,and that im glad i have it. I didnt realize i was a good writer,nice to know.John does help a little,Not a great speller or typer LMAO,i give him credit for cleaning up my messes so to speak,(as im sitting here giggling)
  2. Has there been anyone,you all know of with cancer near the windpipe,also in both lungs,nodes,just all over,that with chemo was able to get to a point when surgery is an option?
  3. thsnks yall i am really glad to have met you..And tuesday night ill be there.
  4. deborahscott34


    I too live in nc,if anyone wants to talk,though i am not a caregiver,I have cnacer,so i might not be much help to someone in the caregiver position,i dont know but id love to have a buddy
  5. I almost forgot,I have been keeping an online journal,hoping to help people to quit smoking.If anyone would like to read it,or learn more about me,then you can find it at whyquit.com,my story is under deborahs stage IV battle. I have been using this to try to help as many people as i can to quit.I guess this is part of my way of dealing,and trying to give something that will always give.
  6. thanks for all of the replies.Im glad i found this place.I updated my profile signature thingy,im hoping it works.I did it like yours,with the cancer treatment info in it.I thought that was nice.kinda did have to guess at a couple of dates though.Pretty sure i got it pretty close,guess you dont really forget that stuff huh,
  7. I already posted my intro,but i dont see it so im gonna say hello again. I am deb,im 38 and i have stage IV metastic lung cancer ,spread to my back.I am just looking to talk with people like me,and for support.so Here I am,HI
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