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  1. Forgive me for not writing sooner -- it's been four months since my mother died -- but as you can imagine... Thank you all for being there throughout the six months that was our journey. I found much relief coming to this site. I'm back in LA -- trying to get back on track. Mom is in my thoughts all the time, lately. I did a good job of avoiding thinking about it all too much --but now, I can't escape it. I'll get back on the site soon, and write properly... johnny
  2. When my mother was first diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC, a friend in LA sent me over 100 pages of information from many new age sites concerning information ranging from conspiracy theories to diet plans for cancer. I am a very open minded person -- but I was being bombarded with "ideas" and "theories" and just wanted to get my mother treatment. We found a great doctor in Chicago -- Dr. Hensing -- and then went home and were pleased that the local doc -- Dubuque, Herman -- gave us the same plan of attack, the same drugs... including Avastin. So we felt comfortable with his plan, if not with
  3. when our doc let us know that we were suddenly off the avastin, and he suggests alimta -- but alimta didn't have all the fancy papers that Avastin came with and the doc wasn't as enthusiastic as he was to sell us on the AVASTIN... with avastin we had dreams of five year life span if not more -- of course, we are optimists, we also knew she could die a year from now -- but at least we had the pretense of hope until the doc took us off saying that the cancer was growing and we had to try something else... so what about this alimta... are there a few success stories -- a few people that hav
  4. Today was the day that we were to go over what the next stage of my mother's treatment was to be. We discovered the avastin treatments have been canceled, and our doctor at a loss for words, suggested perhaps Pemetrexed Disodium - Alimta. Her cancer has grown -- now her liver has much more damage, and on her bones the spots are larger, and the spine has larger tumors -- half way through the chemo regiment we discovered the treatments had only stiffled the growth and did not shrink it... but we were happy -- now to discover that our Avastin dreams are gone -- once again he went out of his
  5. I know this is actually the introduce yourself posting spot -- which I have done earlier... but I was unsure where to post -- I am sadly insecure on websites... My question is: My mother, 58, lung cancer diagnosed in April... it moved to her bones... stage four non small cell... She has taken the six chemo treatments well -- and now we are deciding what's next. Today is actually her sixth.... she will continue with avastin every three weeks, for as long as she can take it. She seems to be well -- she gained weight during the process, she has good coloring, she's not coughing as she wa
  6. I must make my mom's better, it really helps to follow your trail of docs and meds and thoughts thanks, again!
  7. In late April my 58 year old mother was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. (non small cell) I am at Dubuque Internal Medicine's oncology center -- my mother is receiving her fourth cycle -- we are getting a cocktail which includes Avastin and Carboplatin and Paclitaxel - and zometa and steroids. The doctor met with us to talk about the full body bone scan done this week in comparison with the one done before treatment began. The news was not bad, but it didn't seem good. He said that the cancer hasn't spread, that it has stabilized (not his word, I'm sure) the tumors in her lung have
  8. thank you all for the comments and for the histories of your (or your loved one's) treatment...and diagnosis... I'll respond more and keep up with this foundation, I am very lucky to have found you all. johnny
  9. I was searching through the site and saw your title and thought it was my own... I wish you strength and peace. johnny
  10. Hello, my mother told me thursday night that she has stage four large cell lung cancer. when i spoke to my step-father he said the doctor(s) in Dubuque, Iowa also mentioned stage three lymp nodes, cancer in bones and in the blood. I write this as he said it - as a list. Since speaking with him, I've learned that it is not "large" but "non-small" and that it is only stage four not stage three lymph and stage four blood... now I understand fully why he and my mother want me to accompany them on the visits to take notes for them. My mother was a smoker from the ages of 15 to 50. She is now
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