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  1. My mother had one for 2 days before being Hospitalized and getting a staph infection.... or getting a staph infection and being Hospitalized... We never figured out which She had to have surgery 2x to clean up of the wound. Then she had wound care daily w/Tender Wet...and now she's left with a nasty looking scar/indentation. So, she won't be getting another one. If she needs more chemo, she is going to try a PICC Line. But, as you see from others on this board, most of the time there is no problem. Just wanted to share our experience. Good Luck!
  2. I have only posted here a couple of times. My mother doesn't "like" computers...And I "love" computers...So, here I am. This wonderful place has answered a whole bunch of our questions. It's good for my Mom to know that she's not the "only" one having these odd/normal side effects. My mom was dx 2 months after her mom/my Nana had a stroke. We three lived together at the time. A decision was made to have Nana go to a rehabilitation facility. Well, she went from bad to worse in a short period of time. And died in her sleep in April. Mom never told her she had cancer. I don't believe my Mother has really mourned her loss. So much has happend and still is. After we received the news that the 2mm tumor was gone, and there was NED. My mother feels out of step. Because the trauma of the infection she got from the Port-a-Cath, the surgery to clean up the wound 2x, the scar/hole that's left. I think she still feels "sick" Or I think she had already set her mind to a place of "Okay, I'm going to die". Now that she's going to be around for awhile...She hasn't been able to get back "on track"...That's how she put's it... Now, we are going to the surgeon Friday to see what this latest CAT scan(neck) means. There is an enlarged lymph node above the wound area that her Dr. thinks has something to do with infection/wound care. We don't see the Oncologist until Feb 17th. Thanks for reading...Thanks for being here... Debra
  3. Hello again... Since my mother is the one that doesn't "like" computers, I am asking for her. Did anyone have "GERD" Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease before they started radiation? If so, did you have a great deal of pain trying to swallow anything even water? Her last radiation was on Monday. My Mom has tried the "Magic" mouthwash. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Debra
  4. This group has been very helpful.... My mother is not a "computer" person, I wish she was. Especially now... I feel that this place would be a help in easing her mind about her side effects...etc. She doesn't even "like" the computer. So, I try and print as much information that is relevant to her...and when she feels up to it..she reads it. I wish I could do more...
  5. My mother turns 60 tomorrow and she doesn't want to celebrate. In February, she went to the Dr. about some shoulder pain** she was having...Her being a long time smoker...he asked for a chest x-ray. "Extremly fortuitous of him" "His words" Well, they found something...After a PET Scan...and other tests. It was determined she has NSCLC Stage III. She started Chemo of Taxol/Carbo on April 8th. 1 day a week. She stared Radiation on April 6th. Every day for 5 1/2 weeks I feel helpless of course. My mom has always been the strong one...Now it's time for me to "take over" and I don't think I'm helping one bit... She started off pretty positive...but since last week...It's been really bad. She hardly leaves her bed...and the side effects are getting worse for her. She has been talking about stopping the treatment...its not worth it..etc... Thanks for reading.. and thanks for this group. Debra ** The shoulder pain turned out to be just good ole arthritis.
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