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  1. Hello again. My mother, Fay Aguilar passed away last night at around 6:10pm. I know that she loved and cared for you all on this site. In lieu of flowers being sent, she requested that donations in memory of her be sent to: Lung Cancer Support Community, PO Box 1205, Euless TX, 76039-1205 Sincerely, Michael S. Aguilar
  2. This is the last update by me. Two nights ago I had 1.25 liters of fluid removed but it is building up again. My family will keep you posted and keep on doing the things you do to help each other. Love Fay.
  3. That's right Connie and we need all lung cancer surviors responding.
  4. I don't want one. If my family wants to have a party some time later on then that is fine. But not after I'm gone. Just a quiet little cremation and disposal of the remains. I get to choose this detail. What they choose afterwards is their choice. Turning Inward.....
  5. Not everyone can safely take Morphine or Dilaudid. I'm one of them. It causes non stop vommitting to the point of dry heaves and spasms that last for hours on end. You need to work with your Docs to find combinations of drugs that will work with the various symptoms of pain and air starvation, etc., without causing so much stomach upset. They just have to make the time to get it right. And sometimes we have to push to get that to happen.
  6. I'm so sorry for you loss. Inadequate words are all I have.
  7. We're celebrating your 6th Anniversary with you, Jodi!
  8. Lots of love to be seen in the world, Folks. We just have to work harder to find it on some days.
  9. I am coughing up more blood over these past two days. I believe this is where the tumor is eroding into the lung, and has been reported in past by others here there may be a time when there will be extensive bleeding. After my experiences of last summer (about 3 pints within a few minutes) my perception may be somewhat skewered when defining "...a lot of blood...". I am currently taking Oxycodone for the pain with Fentanly pops as needed for breakthrough. I am taking a med called "Haldol 2 mg twice a day" For anxiety, and very glad to have it. Also Decadron, but no steroid rages these days, and still staging down on the 2 mg twice a day dosage. I take breathing treatments 3 times a day for the time being: Nebulized stuff. Seems to help a little. Still nothing big and scarey. Hopefully never happens that way. I genuinely care for you folks. And I am grateful that you allow me this space.
  10. I'll post for as long as I am able. I cry, too, folks. And I do complain, but I have tried to make the complaints constructive. Today I learned that a few folks will be available for my children that I really want to be there for them over the long haul. And I cried in relief like you wouldn't believe. Problem with crying when you have Lung Cancer is affects ability to breathe. So I try not to cry at all for that reason. It shortens my breath significantly. Random thoughts...
  11. Kelly, Your family sounds like mine. My Father's side is riddled with Pancreatic Cancer among drinkers and never ever drinkers alike. Genetics...and I am so very sorry for it all.
  12. Have to admit that Private messages and emails are now becoming difficult for me to make my way through. Vision is a bit blurry, and I sleep a great deal of the time now. Hard to sit here for any length of time since we starting staging down the Decadron (from 4 mg two times a day down to 2 mg 2 times a day for a week, then again to 1 mg.) I just feel wiped out right now. I do want to say again to those traveling with me here that this is not a "frightening" experience. Make no mistake. I do NOT want to die. But the fears I feel have more to do with me not being here to help when those I love need me. Thank you for letting me speak of these things.
  13. I'm fine, even though it is cold here and I have no hair. A lady at the Onc's office chrocheted the perfect cap for me. Beige and Black and absolutely no seams on the inside that come in contact with the skin. Last time around I had something like "bed sores" form on my scalp from seams left where yarn was sewn and not chrocheted together. Just a "head's up" for those making caps for those wearing them. I do thank you for the offer very much, JC. You design such beautiful jewelry that your caps must be very lovely, too. I'm just reluctant to take resources for such a limited amount of time.
  14. Have a wonderful trip, Joanie!
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