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  1. Next Thursday, 4/17 there is a special "The Truth About Cancer" at 9 pm on Channel 21, WLIW in New York area. Looks informative. Joanie
  2. daggiesmom

    cindi o'h

    It deeply saddens me to see Cindi is gone. She was such an upbeat person and truly helped me and many, many others here on the board. May she rest in peace. Joanie
  3. Hi Sundi, Just wanted to give you some encouragement. I was diagnosed with limited SC in April, 2002 at age 48. In May I'll be 55! Please don't give up hope. SCLC is tough, but there ARE long term survivors! Please tell your Mom this. Also, Zofran is a very effective anti-nausea drug which prevented me from nausea completely. Ask her dr. about Zofran before her next round of chemo. Keep the faith! Joanie
  4. Yes, cancer does wake you up as far as friendships go. It made me very aware of who are "friends" and who are "acquaintences." Many people see a person who was sick a long time ago (5 years) and figure I have beat this thing. I pray I have although my oncologist has never come out and said "you're cured." I have many medical emergencies in those five years and people who I thought would step up to help me and my husband never did. I was, and still am, very hurt by this. I try not to dwell on this, but, sometimes I do feel betrayed. My husband has been my true friend. Had he not been around, I really don't know what would have happened to me. I think many people have a fear that this could happen to them and that I remind them of this. So if they forget about it, that threat to them goes away. Makes me very sad sometimes. Joanie
  5. Hi everyone. It's been sooo long since I've posted here. So much has gone on. I've been trying to lead as normal a life as possible. Frankly, I was getting a little down about my physical condition. In Oct. of 06 I was operated on to correct a hole in my chest that was created by a hospital borne bacteria that I caught in Dec. of 05. That infection has given me trouble ever since. Every day since last October my wound in my back has to be dressed (my husband does this every morning.) This is a constant reminder of what happened to me, it is a total drag. So, now they're planning to do an operation in January to permanently close the hole in my chest and close the drainage hole that the doctor had to create in October of 06. So I'm waiting for this to happen in January. I am quite angry about getting this infection in the first place. I guess I was naive in thinking that hospitals are clean places. I have since learned that there are many, many infections acquired in hospitals. Someone I know said the best way to avoid infections is to stay out of the hospital! I do see the point, but still feel badly about that comment. Once you're a cancer survivor, staying out of the hospital becomes a true challenge (at least for me). And this comment came from someone studying to be a nurse. Also, the surgeon who is going to do the operation keeps reminding me that this hopital cured my cancer, and, I guess therefore I shouldn't be too upset about this bacterial infection. His life hasn't been turned upside down! So that's what has been going on with me. I've been reading the posts when I can and have been praying for everyone. Sorry I've been among the missing for so long. Joanie
  6. Wow Connie, 12 years is simply fabulous!!! Keep it up! You're our inspiration! Joanie
  7. Hi All, I had my surgery on Friday to open the incision in my back, making it easier to pack. The surgeon said hopefully the incision will heal within the next 6 months and that will be the end of this long process. If not, they'll take muscle from my stomach and cover the hole. I'm hoping this won't happen. I feel a little "hung over" from the anestesia, but otherwise am doing well. Joanie
  8. daggiesmom

    Roll Call...

    Just wanted to let you know I'm fine, thank God, and enjoying the summer going up to the mountains. I've been planting flowers, walking my doggie and driving Brian crazy! Tomorrow I'm going into the hospital so they can open the wound in my back that they made last October. Seems it's slow to heal and by opening it, it'll be easier to pack. I hope so. Just one night stay. Wish everyone the best and prayers for good outcomes for everyone. Joanie ((()))
  9. daggiesmom

    News about Bill

    Terri, So, so sad to hear about Bill. God bless you and your family. I'll pray for you all. Joanie ((()))
  10. daggiesmom

    Great news

    Wow, Mom really sounds like SUPERWOMAN! Glad to see she can manage stairs so well. That has really been a problem for me. Tell her Congratulations!!!! Joanie
  11. Glad to hear you're doing so well. Keep it up! Joanie ((()))
  12. Well, I ran a fever the weekend before last. Then it went away but I was feeling sorta sick. Forward to last Thursday night, we're about 100 miles away from NYC up in the mountains. I cough and blood comes up. We left Friday morning (which was also my 54th birthday) and went to my dr. in Manhattan. He tells me to check into the hospital. So, I was in for three days, treated with intravenous antibiotics. They feel it was a bacterial infection and the surgeon wasn't inclined to go into the opening he created in my lung last October. He said my Xray was fabulous and I could go home with antibiotics and see him on Friday, 5/18. So I went home after spending 3 days in my "home away from home." It seems that, at least for me, being a survivor entails going thru these "mini emergencies" every couple of months. But, coughing up blood does scare me. So hopefully on Friday, he'll get a good look at the surgical hole in my back and tell me it will close soon. Dealing with bacterial infections seems to have become a big part of my suvival. I seem to be succeptable to infections due to the fragile status of my radiated lung. Maybe many other people who have had radiation deal with this as well. Joanie ((()))
  13. Dana, I'm so sad to read of Joanie's death. She was truly an inspiration to so many of us here. Please know she's in my prayers. Joanie ((()))
  14. Prayers and hugs for Joanie and her family. Joanie ((()))
  15. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS HUG to you for FIVE Years!!!! Wow, just so wonderful! Inspiration to the MAX! Keep up the good work! Joanie ((()))
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