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  1. Sue- YAHOO!!!!! Thats the best news I have heard in a while!!! We need to hear this kind of report!!!! Give mom a GREAT BIG HUG from me and tell her she "done good"!!! Hugs - Patti B
  2. Patti B


    Hey Dave- Glad to see ya back. Have missed you. And you know how terribly I miss Sandra. My Nick has been trying to design a tattoo with the LC ribbon in it to "honor" me as he calls it. I will have him take a look at yours as its really nice. Of course, his dad says no tattoo but he will be 18 in July and he can sign for himself then. Come around more often - I don't post much anymore but do keep tabs on most everyone. Hugs - Patti B
  3. (((((Randy))))) You know you have my prayers. Hope they send the little [email protected] to hell!!!!! Hugs - Patti B
  4. Welcome Jim- So sorry you had the need to find us. The others are right - your dads cancer was caught early and there is a good chance for a cure. I was unfortunately not diagnosed until I was Stage 4; told I would be here for a year; just passed my 3 1/2 year mark and feeling great. Chemos differ with different people. Yesterday was my 70th chemo and I have NEVER thrown up. I only get Kytril in my IV, nothing additional. I have recently developed some constipation and I like to take senna tea. You can find it at Health food stores. One warning - experiment with it - never start out with a tea bag and the recommended steeping time - I did that and found it to be the gift that kept on giving!!! Don't you just love a web site where people talk about bowel habits??? Or their log jams as Ned said!!! As others have said, once your dad starts on chemo and hopefully gets over the fears of it, he will start to feel better. My first chemo, my girlfriend told me I looked like a deer caught in the headlights. And guess what, he is ALLOWED to be nervous and scared - this is big time stuff. Let us know how he does. Your dad is lucky to have you by his side Hugs - Patti B
  5. Patti B

    6 Month Scans

    Dana - Don't know how I missed this post so I will do the happy dance for you twice!!!! Congrats!!!! Hugs - Patti B
  6. Patti B


    Judy- We have had many threads about smoking and the blame we take from others. There are so many here who NEVER smoked but the public doesn't want to see that because then they could become victims of this cancer. And I agree - if I met someone with cervical cancer, I wouldn't asdk if they were promiscuous and contracted HPV. Its stupid and its ignorant. You should have no guilt. We didn't know back in the day and smoking was glamourized for so long. I can remember sitting in my doctors waiting room in a chair that had a built in ash tray!!! And the docs all smoked too. So forget about the guilt and concentrate on staying healthy NOW. We can't change anything from the past. And I am so glad you fired that jerk!!! Hugs - Patti B
  7. Hi Kay- Welcome to the board. I never had surgery so I cannot give you any information on that but others with be along soon who have. I just wanted to let you know that your mom will be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted as to how you both are - your mom is lucky to have you by her side. Hugs - Patti B.
  8. Connie- Some of the chemos listed in the other posts are only for non-small cell, I see your mom is small cell. I would run, not walk for a second opinion. There may be some clinical trials that may help her or who knows what but I do know that I for one will keep looking for options. Of course, that depends on her but a second opinion never hurts. Hoping for a turn-around in your moms health. Hugs - Patti B.
  9. Nickel- I am sure you have showed it to the doc but just in case you haven't I have to tell you I also googled gout and found some pics that look exactly like my foot and ankle did when I had a blood clot in my lower leg. As I am sure you know, a blood clot is much more serious than gout could ever be. Hugs - Patti B.
  10. So sorry about this loss. My sympathies go out to you Barb aand all her friends and family. Hugs - Patti B
  11. Patti B

    Checking in...

    (((((Barb)))) Glad you are doing somewhat better - I think of you a lot. FB or PM me if you want to talk some more. Hugs - Patti B
  12. Anne- I am so sorry to hear this news. I dread dealing with my 17 year old son when the time comes - I cannot imagine having little ones. Have you considered getting a second opinion??? I know that when I am told no more options I WILL get a second opinion or go to a cancer place like Cancer Tratment Ctr of America. I wouldn't want to think that something was overlooked. Prayers for you to have your pain subside and many many more days of memories with your children. Hugs - Patti B.
  13. Van- Good luck with the pleurodesis - I have never had one but many here have. After you meet with your oncologist, let us know what your plan of action is - maybe we can give you some pointers on side-effects of certain chemos. Hugs - Patti B.
  14. This is so sad - I can only hope that her and her brother are together again in heaven. My condolences to all - she was a sweet lady. Hugs - Patti B.
  15. Patti B

    Bill Has Died

    Oh Barb- I am so truly sorry to hear this. You and Bill always seemed invicible to me. I have enjoyed the emails and PMs we have shared and I just want you to know that you can contact me anytime you want to talk. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and hopes for strength to get through this difficult time. RIP Bill - you were a true cancer warrior!! Hugs - Patti B
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