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Not cancer related, it's about GOLD


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I have this beautiful grandmothers ring. I woke up this morning and two

of the stones are missing. To say the least I'm extremely upset. I just

received it in March. I know it can be fixed and it's so dumb to be this upset but I am. My question is, Does anyone know anything about 14K yellow gold? Three of the four pronges look snapped off. I don't remember banging it on anything and if I banged it that hard you would think my finger and hand would hurt. Should gold snap like that or bend?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Close To The Edge, I appreciate your response. I feel so dumb being so upset over a ring, when obviously I have more important things to be upset about. I intend to take it back and it's a good jewlers and they're friends of mine, I just can't figure out how the prongs snapped off.

Acutally I drove there this morning and they were closed for Columbus Day, go figure, my luck . Thanks for listening. Take care!

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Aside from catching the ring on something (which you might have done and not even noticed, really!)...it's also possible that there was a weakness in the gold!

I have a ring that ended up with a small crack in the shank...and was told it was a weakness or "impurity" in the gold!!

I would take the ring back to the jewelers, as you plan to do. In just a few months, to lose two stones and have SEVERAL prongs snap off is not normal. I'd think there was a problem or weakness in how the stone settings/prongs were made...and that the jeweler ought to work with you in replacing the stones and fixing the setting.

Let us know what they do for you, ok? I'm sorry this happened...and I don't think it's at all unusual for women to become sentimental or attached to certain pieces of jewelry! I know I'm attached to a few pieces that belonged to my mom!

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Thanks Addie,

Believe it or not just a few minutes ago I found both stones on the rug next to my bed. I was going to vacuum and couldn't bring myself to do it, in case I vacuumed up the stones. So here I am on my hands and knees feeling the rug and I found both. What are the odds of that??? I do

agree the gold must of been fawled. It's not like I do manual work. And

I think I was so attached to the ring because of my grandkids and I received it shortly after all my treatment were finished. Plus I have never had such a beautiful ring. That's the strange part, I take such good care of it. Thanks so much for your input. At least now I don't have to purchase new stones and I can go after the manufacturer of the


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