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Wonderful hospice in New York City


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Dear all,

In case any one is ever searching for information about hospices in/around New York City--I wanted to post about Calvary Hospital Hospice: the nation's only fully accredited acute care specialty hospital devoted EXCUSIVELY to providing palliative care to advanced cancer patients.

Like all of us, I'm sure, I am one picky person when it comes to medical facilities (doctors; quality of care; efficiency; cleanliness; atmosphere; food; you name it). I can almost always find something to gripe about (the nurses have too many patients to see--which prevents them from doing their job vis a vis MY loved one as well as both they and I would like; the food stinks; the facility is depressing, etc.).

Not so with Calvary.

If you, or any one you know, is searching for a facilty that provides in-patient or out-patient care (or maybe even a referral to a facility in another part of the country)--I would strongly recommend contacting them:

Calvary Hospital


Toll-free phone: (877)-4-CALVARY

And, no, I am not affiliated with Calvary in any way, shape, or form. I am simply one impressed individual.


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Thanks Melinda,

I am sure this recommendation will be helpful to a lot of folks in your area.

I wonder if anyone has similar recommendations as far as hospices in CA are concerned!

Hope you and and Geoff are coping well and that your Mom is comfortable. Love. Paddu

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Call Calvary and ask them if they know of a few facilities in CA they might recommend.

If they don't know of any--or of any they think highly of--I'm sure they will simply decline to give a referral.

It can't hurt to ask, though!

You all are in my thoughts and prayers.


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