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Half-tab Iressa Sub-Therapeutic ?


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I reluctantly mention this because it came from a patient, not her onc. But, a woman that I spoke with this week while in my wife's onc. med. grp waiting room was there for an appointment to have her chemo tx changed. She had been taking 1 tab Iressa daily but due to out of control diarrhea her onc had to stop tx. I asked her about a reduced dose and she said that her onc decided against that because in his opinion 1/2 tab Iressa would be sub-therapeutic. He'd rather switch to a different drug. Has anybody seen any clinical studies ( or personal experience ) that demonstrates the effectiveness of half-tab Iressa tx ?

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Hi Bill,

There is a 800 number you can call to ask questions. I called them when I was on Iressa. I found them to be very polite and informative. Hope this helps.


Below are links to the 800 number.

http://www.lchelp.com/community/viewtop ... 9394#79394 (Iressa (AstraZeneca's) 800# For Information:)

http://www.about-nsclc.com/content/patient/nsclc (Iressa)

http://www.about-nsclc.com/content/prof/about (Iressa)

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I started out with l tablet for one month. Had the usual side effects. The next month my doctor decreased it to 1/2 tablet a day. This past Thursday, he has increased it to 5 tablets a week and I see him again in a month. I guess he is working me up to full strength and maybe not so bad side effects. We will see. Marion

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