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We have silent activists :)


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I want to give a HOORAY, WAY TO GO to a member on this board who I won't name in case she does not want to be named. I had no idea she was doing this, but I want to share what I got in the mail yesterday because it was beautiful.

It was a beautiful elegant card with a picture of her mom on it, and inside, in gorgeous script type font was an explanation that she is doing her second 6 mile hike in the hills in honor of lung cancer for Alcase. She included an envelope if you want to make a donation and also a lung cancer awareness bracelet in a beautiful clear bag with a sticker on it explaining that she made the bracelet in honor of her mom. I was just so touched by the style, class and elegance I had to share.

Way to go! And also way to go to everyone here b/c we are making a difference!

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