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  1. I hate that you have to be back here. You will kick the beast's butt!!! You are a fighter!
  2. Hi. My dad has been on Tarceva for a few years .I do have to say, he developed the bad rash and stomach issues. But he has learned to live with it, although unpleasant. The good news it is keeping him alive and he is functioning pretty normal. He does take heavy doses of antibiotics for the rash. Not everyone develops the rash of course. When his rash gets super bad, like scary to be see in p ublic, he stops Tarceva for a week to let it calm down and then goes back on. My dad will be on it for the rest of his life and despite the side effects, it really is an amazing pill. It doesn't cause fatigue or other issues. Just tummy and rash. I wanted to be super honest. If you have f urther questions email me at [email protected]
  3. Thoughs & prayers being sent your way. I believe your way of thinking, what more could have been done earlier, has been felt by sooo many patients & their loved ones. Cancer is such a beast, it is unpredictable & the enemy. Hang strong.
  4. Andrea

    Final Update

    I am so sorry for your loss I empathize with the pain. It truly is horrible. Hugs to you and your family
  5. My mom had EXTREME FATIGUE for over a year after finishing chemo. This was like in 2004. I remember there being an article that chemo effects can last long after. Of course mention everything to the dr!
  6. Thank you for reporting that. I remember him well!
  7. So sorry to hear how rough it is. Welcome back. Please vent to us. Hugs
  8. Please fill us in Wednesday. Hugs!
  9. Andrea


    Dave I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. I have a few choice words about what you described your wife but profanity is not appropriate;) I wish I had words to make you feel better. Baby steps!
  10. Such great news!!!! Welcome to the family!
  11. Yes I agree!! No one will say what they need. People need to do! Even then it is hard for some people to accept it. For example when we rushed to hospital once and a neighbor 9 yr old and the mom took care of my 5 yr old twins I thought of payong them. Then I realized they wanted to help and I had to let them
  12. I thought about what I would do if shoes were reversed and how I would want to help and I would be mad if not allowed. So that made me able to accept some meals watching kids etc.
  13. In 2003 when my mom was diagnosed before social media I made calls. I could barely speak. Then I generated an email list and updated with emails all the time to those who wanted to be on list. I did email when my dad was diagnosed in 2005 When we got the shocking news about my mom in february that it came back and was bad i did not make ANY calls except to my uncle. I could not speak. It was selfish but I used Facebook to alert. After awhile I set up cAring bridge and let people follow. I say it was selfish to use Facebook bc people who loved my mom could have been anywhere when they got the news but that is how I had to handle it
  14. Fabulous news!!!! Thank you for sharing ! It means so much to so many
  15. My dad who NEVER believed in antidepressants (even though I was already on them), started them after my mom's diagnosis. I honestly think they are often needed to make it through. I think the slight effect they have gave us the strength to try to muddle through. Humor helps a lot
  16. Janet, While not the same, I remember at the end, before we knew it was time to give up, my mom had a day she considered stopping and as her daughter, I was mad and didn't get it I was selfish. I see that now. Turned out the dr said she couldnt make any decisions until she had the fluid drained from her lung b/c she was not really with it and it was the end. My advice, which was our motto, was go with whatever the oncologist said. Love and hugs to you.
  17. Thanks!!! My dad is stable. Sort of. He has a slight CEA elevation but PET was ok but new lung nodule so we are investigating! I will post more details about him tomorrow once we learn new cea levell
  18. Hi everyone. Some of you may remember me, to others I am new! My mom was diagnosed as IIIA in 2003. Lcsc was my lifeline!!! My mom was considered an amazing survivor until cancer reared it's ugly head. Last February my mom was re-diagnosed as Stage iv and she passes in April. Whether it was a new primary or some relation to 2003 is debatable. My dad has been living with BAC lung cancer since 2006. I have 5 year old twins. I am hoping to become more involved. I was a bit too absent the past few years. Kudos to Katie for setting up the mobile version. Love it!
  19. It is a roller coaster ride. Please keep us posted!
  20. Testing from mobile!!!!!
  21. My dad has had major tummy issues and hohrrible rash the entire time on Tarceva. Sometimes worse than others. Never heard of a Chrons link. Maybe call the manufacturer?
  22. DEFINATELY see an oncologist! Chemo will likely be recommended. I would do what they say! June 21 is not that far. I have found with both of my parents having different kinds of lung cancer that sometimes time is of the essence and other times not. After surgery if they think they got it all, they probably feel it is ok to wait a few weeks to see oncologist, that happened with my dad b/c it wasn't urgent. My mom was IIIA and had to start ASAP, so she was in immediately. Most important thing is to be your own advocate
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