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I know what you all talk about when you say roller coaster. We went for 2nd opinion and they did biopsy of thyroid in neck that showed up that the first doctor thought was artifact. It was found to be positive for squamous cell. Which is strange because the first doctor had said he had adenocarcinoma (spelling). I was shocked to hear that. They said it was a preliminary report but mostly would be right. When first diagnosed they didnt do biopsy of any lymph nodes to begin with. They did what was called a bronchial washing and dx as adenocarcinoma. Could the other biopsy be better then what they did the first time. I am so confused. Husband is feeling bad again. He started the every three week chemo. I hate to see him like this, but I do know that it is helping. Because PET does look better. If this turns out to be squamous, isnt that better to treat than other. Also the thoractic surgeon was concerned about the adrenal gland. First doctor was at first then ruled out with MRI. It that the way that it is commonly done? I am as confused as I was when he was first diagnosed. Thanks for reading my ramblings.

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Thank you, I did read that web-site a few months ago. I am already thinking about going to different oncologist. The thoractic surgeon our 2nd opinion wanted us to see one of his. We have an appointment Wednesday with original doctor. We really need to find out for sure who is wrong here with the type of cancer that he actually has.

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Yes, by all means...get a 2nd or even 3rd opinion/diagnosis...make sure what youre dealing with before treatment. Sounds like you had the whole body PET scan? Make sure there arent any other trouble areas before any surgery, for instance , is done. My surgeon didnt do these things either, just lucky the follow up scans were clear.

Yea, its so hard to follow all the docs thinking, and to get them to communicate w/ea. other, etc....but youre looking in the right place for learning how to deal with this disease, and docs. good luck an d keep reading/posting . Rich B.

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