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My Dad


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Ann, and all who have been praying for my father at this difficult time,

I just wanted to let you know that he IS doing better. He still cries, but he knows that life WILL go on. He is planning to go out west this summer just like him and mom had planned and see the Canadian Rockies. I would like to take my family and go with him, but I almost think it would be good for him to go alone, just him, the dog, and mom's spirit and memory. There are 2 types of survivors of cancer: 1. the one who has survived the cancer, and 2. the ones who survive the death of a loved one. So, either way we are all survivors no matter what. The days will go by, and the seasons will change, people will die and be born, but love is eternal. Love is what IT is all about. For that reason, I have truely been blessed all my life. What a revelation! Thanks mom!!! My dad will make it through this time in his life, LOVE will see to it that he does.

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I would go with you dad on the trip to the Canadian Rockies. They are beautiful and should be shared. My wife and I took my sister there a year before she passed away, and I am so glad we went ahead and did that.

Last May, my wife and I went to Scotland for a week where she has wanted to go for several years. She was at a point where she felt good enough to make the trip. Our daughter went with us, and she told me she was going because she might not get the chance again to make such a trip with her mom. We never know. Best to you and your dad. Don

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Kim, I am so glad to hear things are going better for your Dad and I can also sense that you have begun to find some peace. I think those that say "time heals all wounds" wasn't completely correct. I think time only gives us the opportunity to learn to deal with our pain, each of us in our own way. As for the trip, that's a tough call. Maybe your Dad would welcome the quiet time to reflect on what has been and what could have been. But...those mountains, although beautiful, can make one feel very small and alone when compared to all the majesty of nature. Maybe it would be a great time for you to spend some really quality time with your Dad and to be there for him. I think Mom's are very firtunate in that we always seem to know how our children really think and feel. We're always in touch with our children's emotions. Often, men are busy with other things. They support their family and deal with other aspects of keeping things together. Maybe you can use the upcoming days to share many of the things with your Dad that you shared with your Mom. Kim, I am keeping you and your Dad in my prayers. I admire your openess and willingness to share your feelings with us!!! Good luck!!!

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