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Tim's test results..not the best news, but not terrible ...

Guest Tim'sKathy

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Guest Tim'sKathy

We just got back from seeing his oncologist and the CT scan they did last week after his 6 rounds of chemo showed that the tumor in the lung has remained stable (after quite a bit of shrinkage after the first 4 treatments) and that there is still no spread to any internal organs...his liver, Stomach, Adrenal glands etc are all still clear.

However, she found one enlarged lymph node under his arm, which she feels is from the lung cancer (she scheduled him for a PET Scan on 7/3)- I guess it had shown up on the CT scan too...and there was something on one vertebrae, which she thinks may be nothing, but sent him for an MRI for that (6/29). She seemed very positive and said that he is much BETTER now than he was six months ago....and that he does not need the lymph node..that it's not like if it was in his liver....So, the plan is to put him on Iressa...She feels that it will work well for him (said that she feels this is a WONDERFUL drug), that it will continue to shrink the tumor in the lung and should take care of the lymph node. I told her that his concern was that when we saw about the Iressa being approved on TV, they said that it was approved for people where 3 lines of treatment have not worked and this is their last option and it usually is effective for a median of 7 months. SHe said..."That's ridiculous...why they say these things I will never know..how can any one call any point end stage, because you just don't know..look at you...you are doing better now 7 months after your diagnoisis and back then we didn;t know for sure you would even be here, but you have done marveously and this is nothing. I would have given you the Iressa then, but it had not been approved and could not write a prescription for you, but thankfully they approved it as I think it's the perfect drug for you...no side effects other than maybe a skin rash. We'll just keep treating these things if they pop up and just catch them right away....

So, Dr E seems very positive (and I have to tell you I love this woman!) and didn't seem too concerned about the lymph node...2 tests and we go back to see her on July 7th and if the PET confirms it, then he will start the Iressa...but at least NO MORE CHEMO !!!!!!

I took 2 ativan before we went, and I am hoping that is not why I am handling this so well,,,because I still felt very encouraged by what I heard...

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support !


Wife of Tim, 54, dxd with NSCLC Stage IIIB (?) 12/02-

Talc Pleurodecis 1/03

6X of Carbo/Taxol completed 5/29

Enlarged lymph node under arm 6/23- PET scheduled for 7/3

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