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water retention in the lungs?


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:( hi! mama is in the hospital right now, she have water retention in the lungs. and she's under the process of thoracentesis. yesterday the doctor diagnosed her of pneumonia but she only have mild fever. i'm so worried about her condition. if any of you have similar experience with water retention please inform me. and what kind of treatment was done to you. thanks.
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I am sorry to hear about this. I don't think fluid build-up itself is horrible; the fluid can be drained by thoracentisis as often as necessary. I think the bigger trouble is if the fluid contains cancer cells, which would be indicative of a growing/spreading tumor. The tests will determine that for you. Now, it is important to remember that there will be treatment options regardless, so do not panic. And removing that fluid should help your mom breathe easier and hopefully feel better.


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