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  1. My 52 yo husband who has passed was told stage 4 in June at the very first and he lived 5 months.
  2. kimblanchard


    Well, last week was not a good week, tests showed that the tumors had started growing again and I have also exhausted all the treatment options available from Medical University of South Carolina (I've lived too long ). So my options were to just accept palliative care to be kept as comfortable as long as possible or try and get into a Lung Cancer Trial at Duke. I opted for a trial at Duke and it looks like they have one that may benefit me, nothing will cure me, only hope of prolonging my existence. Which I will do as long as I am comfortable and able. The trips to Duke will be a pain (5hours)and I do not know what the schedule will be. This will start in about a month. I want to work as long as I can…it keeps my mind occupied and pays the bills, but I am sure I will have to cut back closer to 30 hours per week. I have a cough that is worsening all the time, this weekend I had a coughing fit and lost my voice, so I can not speak very loudly. I still feel fair, but the emotional roller coaster ride has really drained me. Thanks and love to you all jim
  3. NO ONE wants cancer and no one deserves it. Your mom would give anything to not have have cancer...did the cigarettes cause it...Maybe...MAYBE NOT. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!! You mom deserves and needs your love and support and you don't need these feelings! jim
  4. Hello everyone! I am now a lurker because I still care for each and everyone one of you that are dealing with or with someone who is fighting this terrible disease. I send my prayers to all of you! I don't have much to report after so many years since my DH passed away, so much has gone on. My daughter has graduated high school and going off to college. I've met and I am engaged to a wonderful man and I feel blessed to have found someone who is as caring and understanding of my situation as he is. Anyway, I am always with all of you in spirit even though I don't speak up very often. My thoughts and prayers for all of you, you should all be proud of your bravery and good spririt! Kim B.
  5. After a few days you won't even know it's there. Mine never hurt much and seat belts were never a problem. Mine is on my right upper breast. I don't give it a second thought and Ohhhhhhhhh it makes chemo so much easier!! jim
  6. Thanks Cindi, you took the words right out of my mouth and said them prettier...as usual. Please do not listen to the prognosis and don't ask...NO ONE can predict life expectancy and treatment options are getting better all the time. I asked once and will never do it again. I am stage IV and was given one year, that was over three years ago. I have not missed a day of work and overall have felt pretty good. I ain't saying it's easy, but normal life isn't easy. Keep hope and live one day at a time. Don't worry about tomorrow until you wake up. jim
  7. kimblanchard


    Thanks Rich, really appreciate the update...keep hang'n. jim
  8. Toooooooooooo Cute Why do they have to grow up..... jim
  9. You've come to the right place, but you need to tell much more. Hi Jim
  10. I can see it at home, could not at work. So true!!!!!!!! Thank you
  11. That is GREAT news. I'm so happy for you!!!!! jim
  12. Welcome to the club, what you are experiencing is perfectly normal. Each of us handles it in our own way. It is OK to let your emotions out in a controlled manner as best you can. Go to the rest room or your car and yell, scream or cry.....just let it out. The hard part is not taking your emotions out on others. Seeing a counselor may be the answer if it continues to build and is beyond your control. I find that the One Day at a Time philosophy works for me. I don't let emotions build....I handle them quickly and don't think about what happened yesterday or might happen tomorrow. And, we ALL get scared just prior to our next ONC visit!!!!!!
  13. Hi Susie and welcome, I'm hoping that the moderator sees your first post and makes it a separate Introduction post, so that everyone sees it and welcomes you to our family. Sorry that you are here, but you are among friends and lots of help is available. Keep at it jim
  14. I'd be "PROUD" too!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful. jim
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