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  1. Hi Steven, I was diagnosed with sclc in 2004 and after a short period of remission I have been on chemo, off and on, ever since. My son was married this past Sunday (he's 27) and I danced at his wedding. Please don't listen to timelines - I have never asked "how long" because I don't think they know. Take care and I will keep you and your Mom in my prayers. Nancy B
  2. I had Navelbine and Gemzar together. I don't remember them being bad at all, but I was sure to take my anti-nausea drugs. I am on Zometa also and have no side effects. I had Zometa on Tuesday and went to the L.A. County fair all day Wedn. I am currently in the 4th cycle of Oral Etopeside. I am in the L.A. area also. Take care, Nancy B
  3. I have a book "The Fall of Freddie the Leaf" A Story of Life for all Ages. It was helpful to me and I think it would be very helpful for children. God Bless, Nancy B
  4. Hi Gloria, I am in CA too. I usually caught up on my reading duri ng chemo cycles or dosed off. My chemo room has TV's and DVD players, but I am always behind in my reading. Just curious. I haven't heard about keeping the head, hands and feet cool. I had Carboplatin but not the other two chemos. I usually have to ask for a blanket as they keep the room so cool. I am on my ninth year - NSCLC first in 1999 and no recurrence of it - then in 2004 they fround SCLC - been working on that ever since. I am doing good, still on chemo. Let us knowf what we can do to help you. Maybe you could PM me and let me know where in CA - maybe we could get together. Take care and let me know if I can do anything. God Bless Nancy B
  5. Debi, I know of what you speak. I have had 3 lung surgeries and chest tubes in each time. Of course, they were right where the bra goes not counting the broken ribs. I started wearing those spandex tops under my clothes - doesn't yield much cleavage but keeps things in place (if you know what I mean) and much more comfortable. One of my ports got infected and the end result (healing/scar tissue) has my left higher than my right. In the whole scheme of things, I am going on 10 years - beats the alternative. Take care, Nancy B
  6. I guess I have gone as far as I can with Taxol. It got me stable, no progression, but no improvement either. I have 2 weeks off and then will start on Etoposide (VP16) in pill form. This is one of the first chemos I had with the sclc. Does anyone know - is the pill form more effective? They said the side effects will be the same as infusion. As I recall, it wasn't a pleasant chemo, but then again, what is? I told my onc that my son is getting married in October and I WILL be at the wedding, he said "OK". Thanks for being here - I post when I can, but having chemo once a week and trying to work - I get tired. God Bless, Nancy B
  7. Hi Shelli, I am so sorry for the loss of your Dad. Do you have The Wellness Community in your area? They have a group called Transitions, for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one from cancer in the last year. Not sure where you are located but you can go to thewellnesscommunity.org, that is their National headquarters website. Hope you can find the support you need. God Bless Nancy B
  8. Welcome David, Sounds like you have a good grasp on what you are dealing with. I am an 8 year survivor of both nsclc and sclc. Currently going through chemo (again). There are alot of really good drugs now that help deal with chemo side effects. This is my 6th chemo over the years, also had radiation. I am feeling good (most days) and still working (part time). We are an auto racing family and I have only missed a few races due to surgeries. I am part of the crew and really like to be there when I can. Just let us know how we can help you. God Bless, Nancy B
  9. Nancy B

    Thank you

    Hi Connie, I have been fighting this disease for 8 years and have yet to have my oncologist tell me how long I have. He doesn't really know for sure and you can't believe the statistics - we are all different. Sounds like your husband is keeping active (this is good). I know it is scary but just try to stay positive. Let us help you. God Bless, Nancy B
  10. Nancy B

    Raney Fleck

    I am so very sorry to hear this. God bless you and your family. Nancy B
  11. Hi Connie, I agree with the others - get another opinion and possibly another radiation doctor. I feel it is important to trust your doctors. I have fired one or two myself. I had 20 PCI treatments and they did make me tired and after 3 days of headaches I was put on steroids (brain swelling was causing the pain). The steroids worked great and the headaches went away. I think if your Mom was comfortable with her doctor maybe the mask wouldn't bother as much (although it is no fun). Take care and God Bless Nancy B
  12. Hi Bob, Prayers that it isn't a met. I started out with limited sc and now it has gone to my pelvic,spine area and a rib. I am getting once a week chemo of Taxol and monthly Zometa (9 more treatments to go). Insurance won't pay for a PET so I will have CT and Bone scans after 12 treatments. I feel good, just tired from chemo. I am an 8 year survivor (nsclc and sclc) and don't plan on going anywhere yet. But, I trust in the Lord and I know He has a plan. So whats to worry? Take care and let us know the results. Good Bless, Nancy B
  13. Welcome John. Let us know how we can help you - lots of info and caring people here.
  14. Nancy B

    Zometa help

    I have had Zometa with this round of chemo with no side effects at all, I think I have had 3 infusions so far, one per month. According to my onc. I will keep having Zometa as long as I can tolerate it. My cancer has spread to the bones in my pelvic area and he said this is to keep the calcium in my bones. Hope all goes well with your Dad. God Bless, Nancy B
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