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  1. Hi Cindy! I'm a bit late... I think I watch myself for other kinds of cancers more than my doctor does. I remember a couple of years after my surgery, I went for a bone scan because I had a big bump on the bone under my knee. The Orthopedic doctor told me that it was fine after the scan, and I apologized for taKing his time confessing that I was afraid I had become a bit of a hypochondriac. He said to me -- Deb, I read your file, and with your history of lung cancer, you NEED to be a hypochondriac. After that I had no apologies, ever, for anything I thought needed to be looked at. On my Facebook account, I recently shared that I went for a PET scan. What I didn't share is the reason that I had it was because both my doctor and myself felt I needed to be checked - I have been feeling fatigued quite often, and that was the main symptom of how I found my cancer the first time around- I haven't felt this way in almost 8 years so it has been pretty scary. The bloodwork was fine so then we went for the PET. My PET came back clean, and NOW we can look at alternate reasons why I am so tired. But, of course, other cancers had to be ruled out first although I'm not sure my doctor would have suggested the PET, if I didn't mention the possibility of it to her first. That's why I think that I am more watchful than my doctor... she tends to not consider cancer related causes first and tends to keep my lung cancer in the past. I know better. I still am of the mentality that my cancer surprised me once --- I'm going to be proactive in finding it if it comes back and catching it early again. This is life and death and procrastination doesn't give second chances. Great topic Cindy!
  2. Hey Linda - so good to see you!! I have been so busy and with the 'invention' of Facebook, find it hard to 'fit' everything in sometimes! This last June was 7 years from surgery and I am doing wonderful. I know that every day is a gift and try to make sure that I remember that each morning when I wake up! Will make an attempt to stop by more often!
  3. Now THAT's what I'm talkin' about! ))) Wasn't David all about the blonde jokes?
  4. LOL - I LOVE it Becky!!! )))) I think we need some BLONDE jokes up in here... anyone have any????
  5. Cindy, My twin - you are one of those people that I don't talk to often, but it gives me so much comfort that you're there with me out in this world. Congrats on the 7 years - we have made it girlfriend - next time I'm in Chicago I am going to MAKE time for lunch and dinner and we will celebrate together. Maybe I'll even drag you out for a tattoo. So glad to read this.
  6. Debi

    Cancer Free!!!!!

    Melanie, So glad to hear that you are cancer free!!!
  7. so..... any updates on Melanie?
  8. So good to hear Linda!!! I have been thinking about Melanie and am glad she did well!
  9. Wooooo Hoooooo Muriel!!!!!!
  10. Melanie, Am glad to hear that this is happening soon... not only do you want to get that thing out but it gives you less 'waiting' time! Someone told me once that having surgery feels like an entire fleet of trucks hit you, but every day after that there is one less truck!!! That sounds extreme, I know, but the analogy really helped me- if I felt bad, I knew the next day I would feel one truck better. And you know what? I always did- sometimes 2 trucks better!! Like I said before, I am the worst chicken in the world but the recovery wasn't as bad as I imagined. Keep hitting the pain meds!! I am wishing you tons of luck but I don't even think you need it -You are going to totally kick a**!!! Will be thinking of you - have someone post how you are doing, okay?
  11. There is late and then there is WAY late..... Congrats Jamie---- so happy for you!!!!!!
  12. Linda - Sorry, just read this post and I know its resolved but I had to say I'm proud of you - question question question!!!!!!!! Just to add--- I always get my CTs without contrast as I had an allergic reaction to the dye years ago and although I eat shellfish now, I don't want it intraveneously pumped into my body. However, I can't tell you how many times a Tech got annoyed with me because I told them no contrast. A few of them have told me "well, we're at a hospital in case you have a reaction, we'll have help". I have asked several doctors and radiologists if I am hurting myself by not having the contrast and have been told that I'm not. Although the dye makes the CT clearer, the Radiologist can see the same thing without the dye- he just has to spend a little more time examining the scan. I'm not sure but I think what the Radiologist charges more than covers the few more minutes he spends scanning my scan. Good to hear it all worked out for you!! Keep asking those questions g/f!
  13. Crap Val, I missed it!! Hope it was wonderful and filled with warm memories!!
  14. Melanie, Glad to see everything is moving along for you... The epidural and catheter are not bad - when they insert the epidural into your spine, you feel a sharp tingle - sort of like a small electric shock - at least I did, and then you feel nothing. The catheter doesn't hurt at all - although I have to admit, I couldn't wait to get that out most of all, even more than the chest tubes. I just wanted to pee again. Not sure if I mentioned this before but think pillows - lots and lots of pillows. I got home from the hospital and had my daughter and friend go out and buy me 4 more pillows, it just helps to lay propped up on a mountain of pillows! Keep putting one foot in front of the other, you'll get there and be through everything soon enough!
  15. Debi

    5 years ago today...

    Thrilled for you Carol... Congrats!!
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