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  1. All of my scans in recent years have been without contrast-try not to worry too much about it-with scans to compare, I think that those reading them are better able to see new issues. good luck to you, Cindy
  2. Hi Ralph, I too was so afraid of surgery. Except for an overnight in the hospital after early stage breast cancer surgery, I had never spent a night in the hospital either. But, I decided the only way that thing in my lung was going away was if I got to the hospital and did the surgery. It was terrifying to me too-it was everything I could do to put one foot in front of the other that morning walking into that place. However, after the surgery they did a good job of managing my pain. And they got me up in the chair the second day. The third day they made me walk up and down the hallway. After the first walk, I realized that the quicker I got my strength back, the sooner I could go home. I walked all afternoon and evening that day. I guess it worked because I was sent home the next afternoon. Then, once home, I really recovered quickly. It is scary, but take advantage of the opportunity to get that thing out while it's still small. After that, then you can get on with life- Cindy
  3. I had an upper left lobectomy in 2003. I am still working, go to fitness classes at my gym, run (ok kind of slow run!), and walk 18 holes at the golf course. I do yard work, clean house, etc. in other words, I do everything I did before my surgery-you can have a good life after a lobectomy. Do the breathing exercises afterwards and start with walking.
  4. chloesmom


    Congratulations on your survivorship!
  5. chloesmom


    Hi Liz, Not a medical person, but I think I would not wait until her next treatment to report any kind of unusual symptom I would make the call to the oncologist and have them decide whether or not she should come in-why take a chance? good luck, and thank you for letting us know about those posts-I took care of them. Cindy
  6. Hi Kellie, Love the pictures you are posting! You look like you are feeling great!!!!! I am happy the Tarceva is going well. Rash is a problem for so many-I hope some of Katie's suggestions get it under control. Cindy
  7. Tairen, It's always tough to see people you love going through all of this-it sounds like you have a great mom-and please keep us posted. We all understand what you are going through. Cindy
  8. I'm with Katie on this one for sure-teaching hospitals -university facilities - seem to be the most forward in terms of the latest treatments, clinical trials, etc. I got great care and results at a university hospital. Cindy
  9. Hi Angeline and welcome! I don't know about alternatives - I did traditional treatment and then consulted with complementary treatment (a blend between conventional and alternatives). You might want to check the other topics in the forum though for more information. good luck and keep us posted! Cindy
  10. No expert here, but I have not heard of that. Please keep us posted.
  11. Diagnosed June 2003 Stage 1B, surgery, chemo as treatment All clear at last annual visit in June 2013. Previous stage 1 breast cancer survivor-2011.
  12. chloesmom

    Thomas Murphy

    Denise, I'm so sorry. Cindy
  13. Hi Don, sorry to hear that you are back in battle mode with a new lung situation. I hope that the doctors zero in on exactly the right treatment for you and you get underway soon to get rid of the monster. Good luck to you and keep us posted. Cindy
  14. chloesmom

    10 years

    Yay for you! And keep on doing what you're doing! Cindy
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