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How can we get a walk or something started??


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I know i read somewhere there is a race or a marathon for lung cancer BUT it didn't seem like a annual event or done religiously.

I wonder if there is a way we can set up a walk/run in all the major cities? I mean i do the Aids walk, walk for hunger, etc. in boston. is there a way we can contact someone to really start one for lung cancer specifically???

By the way


i always do this. but we should really try to get something started

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I am organizing a golf outing, to be held July 18, in Baraboo, WI. The benficiary will be the University of Wisconsin Cancer Center, specifically Dr. Joan Schiller, for Lung Cancer Research. Many of these events are in the infancy stage and I fully expect that many more of these will be "popping up" across the US and other countries as well.

We are at the stage where the Breast Cancer movement was 15-20 years ago. We are gradually getting some of the issues and events in order. People who are part of the Breast Cancer movement have told me that we are doing all the things that they did in the early days of their movement. We are making noise. We are writing Members of Congress, and State Legistlators (if you are not, please start). Some of us are getting local publicity for Lung Cancer and positive publicity at that. I highly compliment NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, on the story they did about Barbara Parisi.

Some may think these are little things, when in reality, they are big. Just two years ago we were lucky if we got mentioned at the midnight news or the 5:30 AM news. Now we're into primetime, and the pressure for more coverage is continuing.

We have representation in Washington, which is another first for Lung Cancer. We have Members of Congress who are, just opening their ears, and the doors to their offices, to Lung Cancer. More will be following suit.

The Alliance for Lung Cancer is approaching many lung cancer issues as I write this. They are redesigning their web site. They are persuing many avenues thay have not persued before and they have the courage to do this now.

We are on the cutting edge of very BIG THINGS happening within the next 2 years. Major funding for lung cancer is now just around the corner. Not too many years ago, there wasn't even a corner close by for us to be around.

I spoke with Sheila Ross, the representaive for Lung Cancer in Washington. She is working on many things for lung cancer awareness and funding. She is putting the final touches on a statement which she will post on the Message Board within the next few days. The thing to realize is, legistlation and funding take time, but there are those in Congress that believe time ran out many years ago. More information is forth coming.

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I have copied their letters off their website to write my gov. for the november lung cancer awareness month.

i read off one of the newsletters before how this stage IV lung cancer survivor felt people viewed lung cancer. If you smoked you brought it on yourself and if you didn't poor thing that doesn't deserve it. it is sooo sooo true! Lung cancer is viewed a lot of times as a problem someone brought upon themselves. it is sad really.

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