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  1. The walk was great!!! I can not wait to see the pictures and it was very nice to finally meet you Katie, as well as many others!
  2. In case no one has seen this. THE JOHNS HOPKINS MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS Lung Cancer Web http://www.path.jhu.edu/nfltr.html/
  3. So glad someone wrote this. You have to scroll down to page 8 http://parex.metro.st/ftp/20060314_Boston.pdf
  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you as well.
  5. One was from ABC and the other was from NBC! NBC was very nice and personal. Hello Janine: I am so sorry for the loss you and your family have suffered. Indeed, your complaints about federal funding were echoed to me several times on Tuesday. It is why I included the interview with a representative from the Lung Cancer Alliance. And we will continue to keep an eye on this killer, and the funding allocated for Lung Cancer. My best to you and your family. Tom Costello NBC News Washington
  6. I am so sad about this news. She was a wonderful woman, she helped me a lot while my Dad was sick. I will miss her, my heart goes out to you and your family.
  7. someone from ABCnews thanked me for the email and the suggestion. It was not an automated one and it was at least 4 hours later. I would keep emailing our stories!!
  8. Thanks that was very helpful. Problem I have on CNN is i get a not authorized message after I submit, does anyone else get that??
  9. This is wonderful, thank you so much for getting your story out there. I think I contacted every new organization I know to send them an email about continuing to keep Lung Cancer in the fore front and getting more involved in learning about this disease.
  10. Figured since now is the time to get it out there... To submit a story idea to one of the ABC News shows listed below, write a single page letter including your name, phone number, and address. Include photocopies of backup information. On the outside of the envelope, write "Story Idea." If a producer is interested in your story, he/she will contact you. Here are the show addresses: 20/20 147 Columbus Avenue New York, NY 10023 Primetime 147 Columbus Avenue New York, NY 10023 Nightline/This Week 1717 DeSales Street NW Washington, DC 20036 World News Tonight 47 West 66th Street 2nd Floor New York, NY 10023 Good Morning America 147 Columbus Avenue New York, NY 10023 If you are submitting a Local news story: -Go to ABC.com -Go the very top of the screen and click on “Your Local Station” -Follow the instructions on the map to find the local station e-mail, website, address and phone number. Note: The Company’s long-established policy does not allow us to accept for review or consideration any ideas, suggestions, or creative materials not solicited by us or our subsidiaries. Therefore, in the event that you have submitted such content, please be advised that the submission has been forwarded to the Company’s legal department for handling.
  11. I totally agree with this. I did this after peter jennings, although for some reason I think they were more along the lines of he smoked hence he got it and the rest of us are in the clear attitude. But She brings hope that people will understand it is not just that!!! Did anyone see Access Hollywood they did and excellent job as well!
  12. Maybe my ears dropped off after that. I though his report was excellent except for that fact!! I am glad he said what he said it was just the little tid but that bothered me. I kept saying FINALLY as I watched his report. So thank you for clearing that up, I honestly did not hear that part, I heard him talking about the other part you mentioned and the fact that even if there was no smoking it would be the 4th highest cancer from all the people who quit (which I think could be debatable until they REALLLLY get some research going) I mean again I am not saying smoking is not a factor, but i really do not think they have enough facts about the disease quite yet to know all the causes and why. I bet the world will be shocked once they do get on with research. I bet there are factors none of us every thought.
  13. ON GMA...did anyone catch this?? He was doing so well, talking about how the death rate was high, how they don't know everything about it, how more funded obviously needed to go towards this cancer....and then he said, you know most people have the view that people who have this disease deserve it and brought it on themselves (so I am thinking there is going to be an epiphany here people are finally going to understand it is just a stigma) to which he says, but then you see these non smokers get it. My jaw dropped!! I do not think he wanted to come across wrong but I took it as anyone who smoked did...awful I am thinking of writing him. Actually writing a LOT of people.
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