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  1. gail

    It's Official!!!!!!

    Yeah for you!!!! gail
  2. I'm late but YEAH YOU!!!!
  3. tom Piller, age 50, fought for 11 months and lost his battle October 30. He died just 3 weeks after we learned the lymphoma had spread to his stomach. We are a very close family and spent a lot of time helping him through his chemos, hoping to get him to stem cell. I was his chemo coach. Even when I knew his illness was beyond mine, I had many long talks with him. At the end I told him I felt that I let him down--that I lied to him. 300 people attended his memorial service last Monday.
  4. I'm here!!! 8 years and counting!! Can be done! gail
  5. gail


    your post brought me out of the darkness! Congrats to you gail
  6. I understand your concerns and questions. I had a lower left lobectomy 8 years ago and never regretted that decision. This was my third cancer surgery, and it was NOT my most painful (the mastectomy with tram flap reconctruction was). Was it easy? No. Was it scarey? hell yes! Am I glad I had the surgery? Absolutley. gail
  7. gail

    6 YEARS!!!!

    Rocking and rolling along!!! I lost weight too!!! What's that all about Each day is a new day, isn't it? Enjoy! gail
  8. Hey there! I'm sure it was tough to write but I loved hearing from you. You and Keith were a big part of the ife here. Your love was special and we all knew it. Marriage and kids! How wonderful for you gail
  9. gail

    Our TracyD

    I found this news while on vacation I ha been receiving updates from her care page. Kasey, I remember when she was first diagnosed. I remember waiting for results while in school. The words seem empty, but I did learn so much from her. I learned from her to value each day, even each moment. My heart goes out to all of Tracy's family and friends. gail
  10. I will be "On the Way to Cape May: Actually avalon. gail
  11. alive and thriving! 8 years out this past April. Son graduated from COLLEGE in December! I was sobbing just before the ceremony--had to call my sister--I was overwhlemed that he actually graduated and that I actually was there to see it. He was in first grade with my first cancer, 6th grade with my second, and ninth grade with the lung cancer. At that time I was questioning whether I would see his high school graduation much less his college graduation. What have I been doing? Where have I been? Working and enjoying every day with my kids. While my written objectives state what standard I am addressing in the curriculum, my real objective is that the kids are happy to come to school each day and feel good about themselves. Oh, and I lost 30 pounds this past year. My sugars started slowly creeping up into the pre-diabetic point and I thought, "It would really suck if I survived 3 cancers and get diabetes or die of a heart attack". So I changed my eating and my sugars dropped 40 points in a year. Oh, and my Phillies won the World Series gail
  12. I have to do an airport pickup on that Saturday and not sure of the time. Will get back to you on that. gail
  13. Hello again to you!!! I am SO glad to hear from you again. I really was just thinking of you and those early days on our site. Very happy to hear how you have been. Enjoy yourself, newbride! gail
  14. Here I am!!! Will save the date! gail
  15. I went through 2-3 months of back and forth with the doctor and xrays. I was being treated for pneumonia (found on xray) and when that cleared the nodule showed up. From that came the CT scan. From first symptoms to CT scan was 4 months or so. I am uneasy using an xray as main diagnosis tool, but maybe you can check with Dr West? gail
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