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I recieved a sign today. A miracle!


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Last night I was remembering the last week of Johnny's life. The aniversary dates are on me and giving me a very hard time. Two years ago yesterday was a Sunday. The Sunday one week before Johnny died. That morning was much like today. Cold, foggy and raining. I had a very hard time that morning and the nurse saw the praying hands on a chain around my neck and sent the chaplin to talk to me. He gave me hope again even tho later everything went wrong.

I have had the praying hands for over twenty years. They have always been special to me. Not long before I moved here from Escondido I lost them one day. I was very upset and had no idea where I could have lost them because I had been in several stores that day. On my way to my car I had asked Johnny to help me find them. When I got to my car I looked down and there they were on the ground. I never wore them again for fear of losing them again. I planned on having them put on a stronger chain.

Before I got the chance to have my praying hands fixed I moved. I remember putting them in my wallet that last day. When I got here they were gone. I searched everywhere for them even going through the tank on my vacuum cleaner to make sure that they hadn't fallen and gotten vacuumed up. I even took my suitcase nearly apart looking for them. I checked every crease in it and in my purse and wallet. Finally I had to give up and admit that they were lost.

I have a job this weekend staying with an older couple while their children go out of town. Sense I had no where to go today and had to look forward to a long and dreary day alone I decided early to take out my suit case and pack for the weekend. It had been stored in the closet inside another suitcase sitting on end. I put it on the bed and when I opened it I saw my praying hands. They were right in the middle of the suitcase laying face up. They weren't in a seam or near a corner. They were not face down. They were in the middle facing me. When I saw them I broke down and started crying. All of the pain this time of year and the lonliness caused me were replaced with a sense of pure joy. I know those praying hands were not in that suitcase before today. I had searched it and I had used it sense then. I know finding them was no accident. Johnny saw my need and once more gave me what I needed to get through one of the worse days of my life. He found a way to let me know that I am never really alone.

I read Katie's story of the cigarette smell and all of the responses. Don't we all know that our loved ones are really just a breath away waiting for us to acknowledge them? This is a hard time of year for all of us even the ones who don't have the aniversary of their loved ones death to deal with. I am sure that is why if we pay attention and maybe even sometimes when we don't they will send us those signs. They will let us know that a body may die but the real person, the spirit never dies. What greater gift could any of us ever hope to recieve?

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