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a bad cold


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It's my first time posting. I had my left lung removed on June 25th. Adecarcinoma T2N1M0.

I have a bad cold. My first one since the operation. I am wondering what kind of otc medication I should take. It started with a sore throat on Wednesday. I've got a headache every now and then. My nose is congested but I can blow it. I cough and get chills every now and then also. My temperature has been to 100F at times. I'm more out of breath than usual but I think it's understandable because of this cold.

I'm wondering if I should go see a doctor and if so then when?

I'm suppose to have a cataract removed on Monday, do you think it's still a good idea or should I postpone it until my cold is over?

Thank you in advance for your reply.


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I think you should go see a doctor to make sure it hasn't gone into pneumonia. John had that happen a couple of weeks ago but we caught it pretty quick.

As far as the over the counter stuff, I like the zinc products, Cold Eeze and Zicam. They work by coating the virus so it can't grow. The Cold Eeze is a lozenge you suck (or comes in bubble gum) and the Zicam you swab your nose with. They will cut the length of your cold down to just a couple of days.

Hope you feel better soon.


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Hi Joyce.

Welcome to our humble family! Sorry you have to be here, but I'm glad you found us.

As you can see below, I had the same cancer you had. Should you see a doctor for a cold? YES!!! All my doc's told me that on the Onset of a cold, I was to call my primary and get on antibotics. We did this the first three years. I also Faciliate a Lung Cancer Support Group, and many of my members that have had a lung removed or even a lobe, are told the same things.

Your colds now days, are not the norm for you anymore. Your still healing from your surgery. Don't take chances, get to the doctor tomorrow. Best to be safe then sorry!

Hope your feeling better real soon.

Let us know how your doing.

Take Care.

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