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Wondering if anyone has had any experience with a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer and the cancer going away. I know I could have phrased that better but can't seem to find the right words right now!

My mother was diagnosed with that in August. She had a met to the brain which was removed with a crainiotomy. No primary source of cancer has been found. She had WBR and Temodar for Chemo.

We went for the results of her MRI on friday and the Dr. says her brain is clear of all cancer. The Dr. says that this is very unusual for no sign of cancer in her brain. Of course, he is going to monitor her with all of the usual scans and tests.

I did not want to upset my Mother by asking the dr. questions in front of her. I want her to be as positive as she can be right now. I got the feeling from the Dr. that there is a good chance of the mets returning to her brain eventually. Does anyone know if that is correct? Does this mean she is in remission? Does this mean she is cured?

Thank you for any replies!


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Hi Linus.

I know what it is like to try to talk to a doctor in front of someone you love about her health. It can be quite uncomfortable in some situations.

Can you give us more information? Then, I will bet there will be someone here who can help you.

Did you get any of the pathology reports? What did they say as far as the type of cells...was it squamous or adeno?

I am thinking that if it is lung cancer like you say that the primary tumor is too small to be picked up on a scan...is this right?

Try to see if you can get more information. And in the meantime, hang in there.

Cindi o'h

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Yes, it can happen that the cancer disappears, even with Stabe IV. I would call it "remission", since it could recur at any time. My wife is Stage IV and, after chemo and radiation, her cancer disappeared for about 9 months. Then it has reappeared at various times. She, too, had no cancer in the lungs at diagnosis -- it was in her bones -- and the type was determined by a biopsy of one of the bone tumors. Once a cancer is outside the host organ (lung, in this case), it may reappear from time to time in various places. For the moment, your mom is clear, and that is something to celebrate. Don

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Yes, Mr. Wood, you are correct in what you wrote about this. My mother's primary tumor has never been found. The cells that were in her brain tumor were cells that resemble lung cells. That is why her diagnosis is called stage 4 metastatic LUNG cancer.

My mom's Dr. said that it is pretty rare for the primary not to be found. Cindy, the Dr. did say that the primary may have been too small to detect, as you said.

Thank you for the replies. Don, it seems that your wife and my mother have a few things in common with their diagnosis, I do, however, have to mention that my mom did have lung cancer 10 years ago and her right upper lobe was removed. Back then we were not told a stage but I asked her current Dr. what he thought her first stage may have been and he said probably stage 2.

I do have her pathology reports around here somewhere and I will have to go look up what they say about her right now.

Best wishes to all!


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