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A Sign?


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Well, my brother and I took out our Christmas tree to put up today. My father was living here last year and it was our last Christmas together and our first in this new house. Last year I took all the ornaments off the tree and me and my Dad put it away in the garage. When my brother, daughter and I were taking the pieces of the tree out of the box and putting them together, there was a beautiful plastic crystal angel ornament dangling from one of the branches. It was the only ornament that was left on the tree last year when it was put away. I took it immediately as a sign. For the past month, I have felt that my father has not been sending me signs any longer, and I have felt very very sad. Maybe I'm just reaching here, but I thought it was strange that there was that one lone angel left on the tree that my father and I shared last Christmas. My brother thought nothing of it, but he doesn't believe in all that stuff anyway. Thanks for listening, I just thought I would come and share.

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Well, if it is a sign or not, it is obvious that you continue to hold dear the memories of your Dad. Love does not die. He might be busy doing other things y'know...whatever it is that "they" do now...who knows.

I think it is really sweet that you and your dad were so close. That is so respectable and good. If he is not able to give you signs that you can recognize, can you find comfort in your heart that his love abounds?

Blessings to you for a joyful Christmas full of memories of past Christmases that will only serve to remind you the blessing your dad was to you.

With all respect and love,

Cindi o'h

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