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I didn't actually leave the support group, I just didn't post. I have however followed everyone each week with the good, the bad, and the ugly coming across my monitor.

I feel like a newcomer again so I decided to post here. After this I'll go over to test time result time to post.

I have been followed by my pulmonary doctor since May of this year and we were all pretty confident that I did not have lung cancer. Now as of my last CT scan right after Thanksgiving they are putting that idea back out there. Watching multiple lung nodules they have now noted this small irregular opacity on the top of my left lung. It is about the size of what he says is an acorn. It came from nowhere between September 1 and Thanksgiving which is the time between the scans. I went back for my second PET scan and they can't tell for sure from that. I thought that the PET was supposed to be able to predict with some accuracy , not just we don't know. Apparentlly the tracer went to the spot but it didn't show the light up effect that one would expect with a malignancy. So now it's back to it could be a low grade malignancy or it could be an inflammation .

Now, it's suggested that perhaps it should just be removed. I have issues with going through major surgery not knowing if this is a malignancy or not. If I understand this correctly, the visit to the surgeon is also supposed to serve as a second opinion of sorts as to how I should proceed with all of this. I am tending to adopt the wait and see attitude which my husbands says I am crazy to even go with that idea.

I don't know that I would even be a candidate if surgery was the direction to go in. I was a smoker until 3 years ago and do have asthma.

I know there is no system to project lung cancer but it just seems such an outrageous idea that they could be watching tiny little nodules in both lungs and suddenly a malignant tumor appears out of the blue. I am grateful that I am being monitored so closely and that anything that would appear would be caught in an instant most arent that lucky.

I would like all of your opinions from those who are willing to comment on this situation whether they be good or bad and I welcome your support as well.



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Many people have nodules. I am glad that you are being followed closely. Women who have smoked are at higher risk than men for lung cancer. Most people don't have an inkling they have lung cancer til it is found in advanced stages. If per chance this new nodule is cancer you sound like one of the very lucky people diagnosed early with a great chance of cure. Please let us know what you decide, find out, etc. Donna G

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