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New Chemo cancelled-I have my first cold while in tx-worried


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Hi everyone,

Well, My story is I finished 5 rounds of Carbo/Vp and 34 rads to the chest. Then my onco wants me to do CPT-11 for fun for another 7 weeks.

Once a week. I am dreading it. I am scared-again-new stuff.

I now have my first cold since I got dx. My counts are good as its been 6 weeks since my last chemo (he gave me a break).

Is a cold the same for a Lc patient in tx? Worried it will spiral out of control because they have me so darn nervous every month about infections.

Have your colds, just been colds or problems?



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Jen,When we have cancer everything is kinda scary.I have only had a couple of colds.They don't usually seem a problem (but could be if we don't stay on top of it ).It seems in my case I let them go a little too long hoping they'll go away.Now instead of 2 to 3 days they last 5 to 7 days and are harder to shake.Our resistance is usually lower & can lead to broncitis & pneumonia etc.I think it's important now as a cancer patient to get checked by dr. & get prescription to get rid of it quicker.

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