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morphine and laxative and stomach ache


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Our onc gave hubbie Senna for a laxative and DOK stool softner to go along with his time release morphine. He's tried it twice and both times had severe stomach ache followed by vomiting.

My question is, could the Senna be too rough on him? Is there a different laxative that is prescribed instead. Of course it's the weekend and we can't get hold of our onc. He also has a rash on his neck and back.

Thanks for any advice.

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Senna is a stimulant laxative and can cause cramping so it might be too hard on him. Has he tried plain old prunes or prune juice? If he doesn't hate them, it is probably just as effective as any other laxative, might try it until he can talk to his doctor for something else. Its OK to keep taking the colace/docusate.

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