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Amy P

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For any of you looking for a great Peanut Brittle recipe - get Addies! It is AWESOME! I made some and brought it to work to share on Tuesday and got rave review but I didn't realize the extent until I didn't have any yesterday and I had several people come by hoping that they could get some more, so I brought some in again today and have had a steady stream of visitors!

Thanks Addie for sharing....I thought everyone should know and share in the pounds I am going to have to report when the "diet police" calls for updates :) If I'm going down, I want company :lol:

Much Love,


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How timely is this...I have to make some more peanut brittle today for my oncologist who told me he loves it!! :wink:

No, Ry....I didn't send in this recipe....as actually it's Better Homes and Garden's own Buttery Peanut Brittle recipe. I figured the Recipe Police would be after me for stealing it! :?

But it really is good.....Amy tells the truth! I've already made two batches so today's will be #3. One batch makes 2.5 pounds....so it takes a lotta laps around the block to keep the stuff from showing up on the hips!

Amy....so glad you're getting lots of company...but actually I think you're sweet enough to get it without needing a jar of peanut brittle on your desk! :wink:

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Ahhhh.....my guys at work call that corner of the desk the "Bait Pile"... Bad thing is, like true scavengers, once the smell food, ya can't get rid of 'em and they stand there and chitchat like women over a backyard fence on washday! LOL

I promised 'em a cheesecake before I leave....SOOOO hoping for a new job...

Would be nice to be called to the kitchen soon! lol

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