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Chemo induced arthritis?


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I have been aching for about a month. Both hips, both shoulders, hand, elbow, knee. Pretty bad some days. I hate pain meds so I have just taken Advil. I of course was worried I had it spreading to my bones. My onco ran Rheumotoid factor which is elevated to 38 (norm 14). He says I have minor, chemo induced arthritis, may go away after tx. Anyone know about this and why would chemo trigger this? Never had this before.



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I've never heard of chemo induced arthritis, not sure what that is. People often feel achy during and especially after chemotherapy. Most people with real arthritis before chemo starts usually feel that their joint pain is much better because it is such a potent anti-inflammatory treatment. Depends on the drug, though, taxol for example often causes severe joint achiness.

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