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Today is the seven year anniversary of our marriage. Later today, Trinity is having someone open the chapel for me so I can visit the church where we married, and I will spend a couple of hours there. As sad as this day is, it is also a marker for the greatest gift I have ever received and the greatest accomplishment I have ever had.

The thing I remember most from that day is scurrying around to get our marriage license. I was in Florida until the 23rd, and the courthouse was closed on Christmas Eve through the 26th, which was Friday. And usually Texas has a 72 hour waiting period, but we couldn't get the license until that morning. So we had to break the no seeing each other tradition (which was fine. The tradition goes back to the days of arranged marriages, when the grooms might back out if they found the wife repulsive. By getting him to the altar and veiling her, the bride's hideousness could be hidden until it was too late. Becky was many things, but repulsive and hideous are not among them. They don't make rope strong enough to keep me from that altar.) and go swear to a judge that we had considered everything and so on, and then we could go get married. And so we got to spend basically the whole day together except when she went to the salon to do her hair.

Seven years simultaneously feels like just yesterday and a lifetime ago.

And so here is a song to dedicate to her on this day. I would've loved you anyway, by Trisha Yearwood.

If I'd've known the way that this would end

If I'd've read the last page first

If I'd've had the strength to walk away

If I'd've known how this would hurt

I would've loved you anyway

I'd do it all the same

Not a second I would change

Not a touch that I would trade

Had I known my heart would break

I'd've loved you anyway

It's bittersweet to look back now

At memories withered on the vine

Just to hold you close to me

For a moment in time

And, even if I'd seen it coming

You'd still've seen me running

Straight into your arms

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Curtis, the words to the song are very fitting. I hope you have a meaningful time at Trinity, and that your day will be full of more happiness at what you had than sadness over your tremendous loss. Easier said than done, no doubt. But I've always sensed how grateful you were for the relationship you shared with Becky. The church seems an appropriate place to spend some time today. I wish you peace,


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