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http://www.yourdoctorinthefamily.com/gr ... index.html

I just spent the last three or more hours reading the link that I will provide. I am not advocating this Dr.'s solution--only because I have not had enough time to really think it through as one should do.

However, based on the discussion on this board that I came home to yesterday, and my sadness on learning that Dr. Joe has left the board, and that Cheryl and Jack are feeling hurt, I think that anyone who wants to know the ways things "are" in the health care/insurance business based on the way things "were"--from decades ago to recently, should take the time to read this intellegent and accessible explanation.

Yes, it IS long. Too long for me to summarize the way one ought to do.

It speaks of the "covert rationing" of health care. It speaks to the ways in which the relationship between Drs and patients has been torn assunder when the managenment of health care was turned over to business people instead of Drs.

This has caused a great deal of mistrust. Anyone spending time on this board can see it clearly--rationing does occur--and this explains why some get more care than others.

It explains HMOs and why they are now waning--but what is replacing them hardly is any better than what we had/have.

It substantializes what many of us have often suspected--and more--it tells an even deeper tale of how managed care really works and who it works for--It does not work for patients and it undermines the oath that Drs. take--leaving them between a rock and a hard place--

Drs are bought and they are bought subconsiously. Managed care is what encourages PCPs to view chronically ill patients as "difficult" (unless of course the PCP already has a long term relationship with a patient and his or her family.

To fully "get" the article would take more than the 3 hours I spent on it. But I will try to go back to it.

Yes, the author, a cardiologist, has an opinon. Those of you who might be put off by his opinon, I urge you to read it anyway--if for nothing else than for the "facts" he presents in support of his opinion.

His solution is just ONE solution. There are probably many others. But exposing the reality is one step to exploring solutions.

I also hope and pray that Drs as well as caregivers and patients will read this.

So like a bad penny, I am back.

But I hope that at least a few of you will have the time to read this.

I wanted to point out particularly eye opening sections, but I suppose anyone who just wants to skim around will find them.

As a whole, though, it makes the most sense.

http://www.yourdoctorinthefamily.com/gr ... index.html

love and fortitude


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It is not just health care either, mental health services are rationed also. I run a non-profit corportation that works with developmentally disabled and mentally ill individuals. About 10 years ago all the seminars I went to started talking about the coming of managed care. It seemed crazy that a time would come where psych visits would be limited, medications cut, therapists cut, but now here it is.

If you are wondering why you seem to see so many more homeless individuals on the street...a lot of it is due to managed care.

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